Dec 04 2005

Able Danger on MTP

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I was listening to Keane and Hamilton of the 9-11 Omission on MTP. Besides their tendency to hype (like there will be another 9-11 atack, so everyone needs to do what we told them to do) they discussed Able Danger.

Hamilton did the majority of the response. Basically they said it was looked at and there was no evidence of the Able Danger claim (duh, the evidence was destroyed on the orders of a Clinton DoD lawyer in 2002 and the Deputy Director of DIA in 2004 – a Clinton hold over). But Hamilton did start to say ‘we determined’, and then caught himself and dumped the scandal on the staff when he changed it mid sentence to ‘staff determined’ there was nothing there.

They know folks. They know they did not see the information and have nothing but staff statements. Gorelick’s staff statements. They know.

Keane said the 9-11 Omission was not against any investigations.

They wrapped up by claiming there was no connection between Iraq and AQ pre-9-11. I doubt that conclusion will stand for long either.


Get the transcript at the Able Danger Blog

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  1. Snapple says:

    Able Danger was evidently watching Al Qaeda in America.

    Al Qaeda is a group that networks. They are a variety of organizations. They recruit different terrorist groups wherever they go. They are more of a confederation than a single entity. In every country where they go, they seek groups to affiliate with them.

    For this reason, if Able Danger was watching Al Qaeda in the US, they probably also ended up collecting on foreigners and even on Americans who were collaborating with Al Qaeda. (This is just speculation.)

    It may be difficult to explain the connection between Iraq and Al Qaeda without revealing what we know about Al Qaeda’s collaborators who are still on the loose.

    A lot of alleged terrorists are being arrested for crimes that do not seem really major; in some cases, they are being set up with stings.
    This way, the government doesn’t need to use their really secret information—which is the reason these people were set up with stings.

    Probably the government doesn’t want to expose its more damning information so it can continue to use it for intelligence, not the courts. The government may just not want to take sensitive information into court if it is still investigating.

    It is the left who are so anxious to find out about Able Danger.

    People like Cynthia McKinney are pretending to be concerned about the effectiveness of our security agencies. I think they really want to find out what the government knows about traitors in America.

  2. Able Danger – Send in the Clowns….

    I was watching soon to be Plame Game star, NBC’s Timmy Russert (aka. “Little Russ”) on his program MTP, where he was interviewing Keen and Hamilton of the 911 Omission Commission, and yes, the question of Able Danger was popped.