Jun 10 2005

Carnival of The Chillin’

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I decided we needed a Carnival of The Chillin, given the successes the last week or so confirming judges. So here it is, in reverse alphabetical order of the Blog Roll, for those with a post up on the week’s events – sorry if I missed anyone!

Vote For Judges on the recent Washington Post story on recent liberal gloom on deal

Viking Pundit is reveling in Sen Durbin’s unhappiness

Two Dogs posts on the ending of the world now that Janice Rogers Brown is confirmed

Timothy Goddard basking in the Coalition

Buzz Blog on Pryor “Oh the humanity”, and the three year wait for Brown

I write too much on this, as seen here

Scott Elliott Election Projection says “the hits keep on coming”

Ryan James has the drive for five, looking at the deal and three down (roll call votes for each)

Right Side of the Rainbow blogged the Brown vote

The Radical Centrist asks what is next?

Pro’s and Con’s say Pryor Is In! And mention yours truly with regard to Brown’s confirmation.

Pro’s and Con’s add a bit on the history of the constitutional option

Professor Bainbridge also points out the Washington Post article on Dem Whining

The Prof is waiting for some apologies!

Poliblog has a write up on a NYTime piece on the newly confirmed Judge Brown

More from Poliblog on the hidden significance of the recent string of confirmations

Navland is rumbling on today’s three judges confirmed and Brown’s win with a hat tip to Ryan James.

Our fearless (and CNN-famous leader) starts a mini-carnival, but does get the quote from President Bush in!

Lime Shurbet gave Ryan James an “A-MEN” on covering Brown’s confirmation and Pryor’s cloture vote.

John Miller also feels comfortable with the Coalition and the two bonus votes we got today.

Jade Monkey keeps the faith that we will succeed.

Holecard slides through for some thoughts on JRB and the Dems

Nothing recently from Doverspa at Redstate, but of course Redstate does have posts and sounds like Coalition members – scroll on!

Doverspa was inspired by the Carnival of the Chillin’ and has posted on the ‘deal’s stability, as maintained by Senators DeWine and Graham.

Cries In The Night see support for the Coalition in the Washington Post article on the dems bad deal.

And finally, Alexander McClure at Polipundit really started this with his mention of Chillin in the Coalition and smiling at the week’s events!

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  1. Decision '08 says:

    Quick Shots: More Coalition News

    Coc SoS AJ Strata has a Carnival of the Chillin’ that is absolutely excellent (have you sent it to the Instapundit, AJ? He often links carnivals)…

    Info Theory contributes to the cause with a very clever Wine for Winners Challenge. You can read t…

  2. karlmaher says:

    Hey, thanks for the link, and for sorting in reverse alpha order! Highlight of my week.

  3. AJStrata says:


    It only seemed fair to start from the other end once in a while!!