Dec 04 2005

Neverland As Never Before

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A dear friend of mine dropped by this last fall to catch up after many years. We had worked together six years prior on an Italian program that required long negotiations and meetings in the UK and Rome. We were a team of three between us two and the UK Manager of the Italian program.

The three of us gave each other Italian nicknames during that time. My US friend who visited was ‘Vito’, which was a family nickname he had already. Our UK friend was ‘Guido’ because he always drove us in Europe (he was well trained for the chaos). And my nickname was ‘Fumario’ because I smoked. Since I like my anonymity, and I believe so does Vito, we will simply refer to my friend by his nickname.

So Vito drops by and we start catching up with each other. He was a much more successful musician than I ever was, playing for some well known bands in his day. We both ended up in the aerospace, space, military market working in the US and Europe, and we met each other on the Italian program. But we are both into rock and roll.

We are on my deck on a beautiful day fall day shooting the breeze. I was playing the CD another friend had recently put out with me on lead guitar. The discussions led to music in general and then to big name musicians. And then it led to Michael Jackson.

Vito dropped a bombshell about a relative of his who worked at Neverland and had a lot of interesting details which never came out in the trial this year or in the press. Needless to say I was curious. When he was done telling the story I had to ask if I could interview his relative for my new blog. He said he would find out and we began to set the stage for this interview.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to Mr. Robert Wegner, former Chief of Security at the Neverland Ranch from December 10, 1990 to December 23, 1993. We did the interview in two rounds of questions. The questions for the second round I misplaced, and rather than delay getting this out, I have tried to reconstruct them. These reconstructed questions are highlighted with an *. Update: I should have noted that the answers to these lost questions are verbatim and accurate. I only misplaced the exact question which prompted the recorded response. Thanks Ryan for catching that little detail.

Mr Wegner’s employment coincides with the period surrounding the original Michael Jackson scandal involving Jody Chandler. Mr. Wegner got involved as a potential witness in the recent Michael Jackson case because of details he learned back in the early 1990’s. Here is the interview:

    Strata-Sphere: Mr. Wegner, could you tell us about your position at the Never Land Ranch, when you worked there and when you left?

    Mr. Wegner: My tenure at Neverland Valley Ranch was from December 10, 1990 to December 23, 1993. I was originally hired as a Sergeant on the Graveyard shift. Approximately a year later I was promoted to Chief of Security. My reason for leaving was due to an injury to my back. This injury left me 100% disabled forcing me to retire.

    *Strata-Sphere*: Can tell us your responsibility and activities as Chief of Security at Neverland?

    Mr. Wegner: The Chief of Security was in charge of a 20 person dept. Their primary duties were to protect Michael, the ranch and the employees. The biggest concern was trespasser. In order to accomplish this task, we had fixed post (front gate), walking and mobile patrols. Security was a 24 hour assignment at the ranch.

    Strata-Sphere: We have been told you had access to information regarding where children were located when they were at the Never Land Ranch. Could you explain what this information was and why it was necessary to have available?

    Mr. Wegner: The policy at the Ranch when I was there, that anyone visiting the Ranch was required to sign in and out at the front gate. Any guests that were going to spend the night or longer would be listed on a chalk board in the Security Office. This board contained all the sleeping locations on the Ranch. There were approximately 12 places available. There were squares drawn on the board to indicate the sleeping arraignments. Michael’s was the square at the top left hand of the board. When guests were there, housekeeping would provide where each guest would be sleeping. No names were used, just numbers to indicate how many guest in each room. This procedure was used if there was any emergency, the guest(s) could be evacuated safely.

    *Strata-Sphere*: Was there monitoring of all guests while they were at Neverland, or just the guests who were children?

    Mr. Wegner: Every guest was tracked while on the ranch. Under aged guests were monitored more closely for safety reasons.

    *Strata-Sphere*: Did the tracking board in the security area identify which guests were children and which were adults?

    Mr. Wegner: The board indicted location and the number in a certain location. The only persons in Michael bedroom were children. Security was told by housekeeping where the children were sleeping. No adults ever slept in Michael’s bedroom.

    *Strata-Sphere*: Did Michael sleep primarily in his room, or did he occasionally sleep elsewhere?

    Mr. Wegner: Sometimes Michael would sleep outside of his bedroom. In the Indian Village area he had two Teepees. Occasionally (if the weather was good) he would share this arrangement with children. (It should noted that 99% of the children were boys.)

    Strata-Sphere: When you left the Never Land Ranch, there were certain restrictions on what you could say publicly. Could you please elaborate on these restrictions and their duration?

    Mr. Wegner: Once again, the policy at the Ranch, was that everyone working there had to sign a waiver that they could not divulge anything about Neverland Valley Ranch, MJJ Productions or Michael Jackson for period 5 years after they left working there.

    Strata-Sphere: We have been told you were interviewed by police and/or prosecutors regarding your position at Never Land and information available to you regarding the children staying at there. Could you elaborate on what were the topics you discussed and what you felt was important to the case against Michael Jackson?

    Mr. Wegner: I was not interview by the police, investigators or District Attorney.

    Strata-Sphere: You had been expecting to testify for the prosecution during the recent trial, but in the end did not do so. Could you explain why it was decided you should not testify?

    Mr. Wegner: I was never given a reason why I was not called. I surmised that they felt other witnesses had more incrementing evidence. The Judge limited the D.A. to just a certain number of witnesses he could call from the 1993 case.

    *Strata-Sphere*: Why was there a limit on the number of witnesses?

    Mr. Wegner: I recall that the Judge in Michael’s trial limited the number of witness’s that would be called from the 1993 case would be 9. This was done so that the District Attorney could show a pattern of conduct by Michael Jackson.

    Strata-Sphere: What are your thoughts regarding the recent revelations by jurors for the Michael Jackson trial claiming they believed Michael Jackson was guilty, but they were pressured to acquit?

    Mr. Wegner: I believe, the majority of the jurors were “STAR STRUCK”. No matter what evidence was presented they were going to find Michael Jackson not guilt. And remember, not innocent!

Folks, I am not a reporter, don’t pretend to be (though I did try a bit on this!). What I find stunning is the shear number of kids constantly at Neverland and somehow some always find their way into Michael’s bedroom. Now there is a perfectly laudable and commendable explanation which I think is part of this story: Michael wants to help those less fortunate than him and in dire need. But there can also be a mixing of needs and desires in any human’s actions. A blending of good and bad. We see this all the time in abusive parents who do have some love for their children, even though they inflict pain and suffering.

Michael was dealing with an interesting pool of children. Those most in need, those coming from the most desperate families, those with many built in handicaps for dealing with a dominant super star with Class A legal council. The environment that led these children to be in such dire straits is the same which would be available to impugn any of their claims of wrong doing. And a majority would more than likely be open to a financial settlement. This is a recipe for trouble. A picture I am not convinced came out clearly in the trial.

I never recall seeing evidence that it was clear to security at all times how often children slept with Michael over the years. Was it once a month (12 a year), once a week (52 a year) or twice a week (104 a year). This is important information to know, in my opinion. I am not sure why this was not addressed?

Since I am not a reporter, I am inviting Mr. Wegner to correct anything on this post at any time. I will make sure the corrections are clearly noted when I do. If you have some questions, feel free to drop them in the comments. I will see if we can get some answers. Do not expect a quick turn around though. Be patient and do not be surprised if a week or more goes by.

If you want the complete story, Mr. Wegner has a book out on his experiences called ‘My Three Years Working For Michael Jackson“.


Dr. Sanity has a great post on the psychological aspects of a Michael Jackson who has a need to sleep with boys.

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    Superstardom Covering Superpathology?

    AJ Strata has an interesting interview up with someone who was once chief of security for Michael Jackson’s Never Land Ranch. AJ notes after the interview:

    Michael was dealing with an interesting pool of children. Those most in need, those comin…

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