Dec 03 2005

CNN/USAToday/Gallup Stunner

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The latest poll has the liberal media so stunned, that it is hard to find a site that has the numbers. CNN and USA Today, who commissioned the poll, are not advertising the results because they are so bad for the Sheehan/Murtha/Pelosi side of the debate:

If you had to choose, which do you think is the better approach for deciding when the U.S. should withdraw its troops from Iraq?

To withdraw U.S. troops only when certain goals are met:

To withdraw U.S. troops by a specific date and stick to
that timetable, regardless of conditions in Iraq at that time:

No opinion:

Yep, nearly 2:1 against the unconditional withdraw of troops based on a timetable. That means putting departure over success. That means defining success as leaving, not actually as succeeding. That means 2:1 against the Murtha/Pelosi candidates in 2006. No wonder Hillary is not supporting the Murtha/Pelosi approach – those kinds of numbers would mean even a democrat incumbent could lose in NY.

Amazingly, 6% have no idea about the most important issue this country has faced in the last 30 years.

Spreading the news through links at Polipundit, and Michelle Malkin’s quick links.

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  1. tgharris says:

    When one considers that the same poll shows that more Americans believe the president lacks a plan for Iraq then believe he has one… is even more heartening to see the 59% figure for fighting it out. And make no mistake: disengaging according to a timetable of meeting goals is fighting it out.

    Now, as Bush continues his offensive against the Left’s misinformation, his personal numbers will likely improve (see Rasmussen’s website). When Dubya’s numbers go up, the numbers for hanging in there should go even higher.


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