Aug 08 2009

What Is So Important That Radical Change Has To Be Applied By Force?

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Think about it folks, what is so important that it requires government to force it upon a majority of citizens who oppose the action?

Think of a mandatory military service for all citizens, like there is in many countries around the world. If there was a massive war threatening our existence, then maybe. But right now? Would the majority who do not or did not serve in the military feel good about being forced into serving by a small minority? It would be for the ‘greater good’ – but how would people feel if it was imposed by threat on them by the government?

Would people want to be forced into attending a Madrasah and learning Islam? We have freedom of religion and tolerance of all religions, but many countries only offer one government sanctioned, government run option. Think of it as ‘single prayer option’. Is there something this country is facing now that would rationalize limiting people’s spiritual choices to a single, government sanctioned option for educating and raising their children, not to mention defining how women must dress and act in public?

How would people feel if the government felt it was better to get all your news and information from a single, government run source? Right now we have incredibly freedom of speech and a lively (if underwhelming at times) free press. Is there some magical cost savings or fantasy about increased access to quality news and information that could make shutting down all private and commercial sources of information make sense even if the majority opposed it?

If you can think of why the government should force changes on America without the support of America then you think like a DC liberal. Because that is the way these control freaks are dealing with the Health Care issue. They have come up with some really lame fantasies about faster, better, cheaper health care (and those of us at NASA know that is a mythological trio that can never combine forces in reality) as a reason to go ahead with their risky schemes in the face of growing opposition from most Americans.

People see the government taking extreme actions when there is no valid emergency facing this country to sanction such actions, and they are getting angry with the arrogant know-it-alls in DC who think they have authority to take so much from America on a whim:

The bitter divisions over an overhaul of the health care system have exploded at town-hall-style meetings over the last few days as members of Congress have been shouted down, hanged in effigy and taunted by crowds. In several cities, noisy demonstrations have led to fistfights, arrests and hospitalizations.

If this was a worthy cause we all had bought into (like a major war threatening our existence requiring mandatory service) then there would not be angry opposition. This country has marched off to fight wars all across this globe, willing to sacrifice its dearest blood to protect or free total strangers. We know how to sacrifice for others and do so without hesitation.

The DC liberals’ made up alibis for destroying our current health care system does not represent one of those situations where we need draconian, authoritative acts from government. It is a juvenile scheme held by the far left as an ‘easy button’ answer to problems they have exaggerated in their minds. Along with the exaggerated scenario where they come riding to the rescue of human kind as heros.

Liberals are notorious for creating made up reasons for them to come to the rescue with their strange and unthought out schemes. It seems they have some serious insecurity issues, so they must always come riding to the rescue to others – no matter how bad they screw things up. Remember how the liberals came riding to the rescue of the home market and poor by creating a housing bubble built upon fake loans we now will spend decades paying off in national debt? That was them playing God.

Many people used to think these delusions of grandeur were harmless, or at least once and a while these klutzes would stumble upon something good and it would make up for all their failures. That was they hey day of DC liberals and Democrat control. It ended a long, long time ago. For example, since then we learned it was better to limit welfare support so that people did not get trapped and make a career out of sitting on the government dole – let alone passing that career choice down to the next generations. We literally had generations of people caught in a nightmare of good intentions until the GOP and Clinton put lifetime limits on the safety net. No more living endlessly on the dole.

It also died when George W Bush gave seniors the best health care benefit in a century – prescription drugs under medicare/medicaid. This comercially driven government program is the model of how to coordinate government goals and private industry. The plan only pays to support the needy, everyone else pays into it as they would any other insurance program. It is the antithesis of Obamacare. And if the GOP was smart right now they would be rallying around that effort as a clear and proven option to Obamacare.

If they did this, held up the Bush achievements as a clear indication that liberals do not know how to unleash our citizenry and industry to the betterment of all, they would not be the party of ‘no’ or the leaders of the ‘angry mob’. They would be the light of reason leading us out of this mess and this angst.

I know a lot of far right conservatives don’t like what Bush did (mainly because it involved a lead liberal Democrat named Kennedy). It is time to get over that nonsense. Bush knew how to harness the naive good intentions of liberals and mate them with the conservatives who knew how to entice the US markets and people to achieve some worthy goals. To this day there is too much arrogance on the far right when it comes to seeing the great accomplishments of President Bush.

Maybe now that we have had another taste of liberals gone mad in DC people will regain a normal perspective. Right now the nation is riveted on this matter. There are no easy solutions and there is no need to create them out of thin air. All the opposition has to do is rally on something outside and challenging to Obamacare to demonstrate a way out. President Bush’s model on prescription drug plans is not a bad place to start. At least it is real, with a proven track record, without requiring a government run system.

That is the best way to disarm the liberals and their union thugs – with good ideas.

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  3. MerlinOS2 says:

    Like the one guy questioned in a youtube vid. Why push so hard for a major health care bill to be crammed through congress when it took Obama 6 months just to pick a dog for his kids.

  4. BarbaraS says:

    One of the best things about the prescription drug plan is that more and more drug stores are offering generic drugs for $4 per month and Walmart and Sam’s offer a 3 month supply for $10. It shows The Walton stores which started this low price are trying to co-operate with the government plan and the others are falling in line in competition.

    Why would these congresscritters vote for this health care plan which has majority opposition when they must be antsy about re-election? Something fishy about this. Why would they want to put in place a controll plan when they will not be in control if they are voted out of office? They must be highly confident about something.