Aug 07 2009

Democrat Brown Shirts Beating US Citizens At Town Hall

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America is on the brink of fascist rule. Democrats called out their union brown shirts to start ‘enforcing’ rule at public events, as this video shows.

Drudge has more here on the White House directed actions against American citizens:

“If you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard,” Messina said, according to an official who attended the meeting.

Sadly for the novices in the White House their growing frustration with their own ineptitude is also signaling many on the far left fringes to become unglued. 

I would remind folks the RICO is an interesting mechanism to investigate and prosecute coordinated crimes against America and Americans.

Update: With the dems crying and whining about fascist actions from Americans opposed to Obamacare, it would seem absolutely stupid to coordinate union muscle from the White House and Congress and DNC in response:

The nation’s biggest labor unions are bringing their muscle to bear to the raucous health-care debates that have erupted over the last week in Congressional town hall meetings across the country.

John Sweeney, president of the AFL-CIO, sent out a call to arms Thursday for rank-and-file members to counteract what he called the “right-wing ‘Tea Party Patriots’ ” who have been disrupting the meetings.

A ‘call to arms’ of union ‘muscle’ to confront the American public just confirms all the conservative conspiracy theories about a socialistic take over of America. Are the Dems that dumb? Are the socialists that desperate and determined?

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  2. CatoRenasci says:

    This is the left’s authoritarian playbook from the Bolsheviks in 1917 through the German and Hungarian communists after World War I, on up through Chavez in Venezuela and now Honduras.

    If the government will not stop thugs in the streets — and with Obama, the federal government will not, and no Democrat controlled state or local government will — eventually we will see concerned citizens turn to the example of California in the 1850s (so ahead of the country once again!) with Committees of Vigilence aka vigilantes.

  3. Paul_In_Houston says:

    To Hell with comparisons to “The Joker”; to some, that would imply “cool’, “funny”, “mischievous”.

    He encourages union goons to infiltrate protest rallies and town-hall meetings, and to intimidate and push around old men and ladies for daring to protest the way things are going.

    What we are dealing with, in reality, is more akin to a sewer rat.

    As for those congressmen who accept this, and use these thugs to keep away their own constituents, these little potentates need a sharp lesson as to whom they are really supposed to be working for. In some cases, RECALL should be on the table and seriously considered.

  4. kathie says:

    From Drudge, haven’t read it yet, can’t get on.

    OBAMA: ‘I don’t want the folks who created the mess to do a lot of talking. I want them to get out of the way so we can clean up the mess’..

    An interesting point of view. For me it’s a call to arms…….guess my “teenager” is coming out big time.

  5. bobsunshine says:

    AJ; To answer your questions, yes and yes. This is the same way it was in Europe before the WWs. The government pushes socialism (more towards fascism) on the public as fast as they can so we don’t have time to react. The August recess was a godsend, in that it gave the public time to understand what was happening to them and react. The members of congress that see this as “mob” rule don’t want to lose their jobs next year and paint people that disagree with them as a “mob”.

    How come when there were protests during the Vietnam war, civil rights movement, code pink, etc, the media didn’t refer to them as a “mob”. The people at most of these town hall meetings are older Americans and senior citizens.

    It just annoys me the way the Media has sold out and is in the tank for Obama, no matter what he says or does.

  6. jimharlow says:

    “Are the socialists that desperate and determined?”

    Yes – we are witnessing the last gasp of organized labor. What started out as necessity to care for exploited workers in the early 20th centuryt has become something ugly and unwelcome. If organized labor doesn’t get what they want in this Presidential Administration we may see a fascist retort in the form of a third “True Socialist” Party representing these thugs.

    IF organized labor, via the Democratic Party, can beat people into submission then it sets the stage for Islamofascist assertion of the very same methods to assert their dominance in North America…pre-empting the need for a third party and cementing thug control of the Democratic Party.

    Let’s be clear – there were three or four thugs in the room and they control this morning’s media stream. The media is aghast that thugs would behave like thugs. Eventually, good people will stop attending the town hall meetings and we will all be represented therein by Union thugs who smile to the camera on cue.

    To those who voted for Socialist Democratic Party hegemony in the Senate and House of representatives I can only say:

    We hope you got what you wanted; from where we sit you have empowered the least of us to represent all of us.

  7. Mike M. says:

    AJ, you sound surprised. I’m not. This is the real face of liberalism. Liberalism, fascism, communism…they are just brand names for totalitarianism. Different labels for the same poison.

    What makes this interesting is that the victims have access to arms…and there are enough people willing to beat the tar out of a union thug.

    And now that we know what to expect, bet on our people being ready for a real donnybrook.

  8. momdear1 says:

    What you folks in California called vigilantes, down here in the South we called Klansmen. When Nathan Bedford Forest organized the first Klan activities white people in the South were second class c itizens who had no rights. In fairnes to Forest, after it’s initial success, he tried to disband the Klan but like the labor unions and Civil Rights groups of today, once they discovered they had the power they abused it. It’s just a matter of time before we have to band together again and secretely get justice in the night. The only thing is. You don’t know who you can trust and who will tell on you now. What was it Gordon Liddy said about those endangered species prosecutions? “The best policy is to shoot, shovel and shut up.” I don’t advocate it but I see it coming. What’s the steps that all societies have to repeatedly go through? Slavery, revolution, democracy, self indulgence, sloth and indolence, and then back to slavery. We are just about in the last stages before we are back to where we started. We wouldn’t be in this mess if over half the people in is country hadn’t voted for government financed sloth and indolence.

  9. dbostan says:

    Yes, this is the face of communists/socialists/progressives, I witnessed in the Communist Eastern Europe.
    If we do not fight them RIGHT NOW, we face the real danger of sliding into a fascistic state.
    BHO is trully skilled at “community organizing”…
    And I am not too “dramatic”.
    These are the tactics honed during the arly 20th century fascist movements in Germany and Italy and communist revolutions of Russia, Hungary and Bavaria.
    We must fight progressives, including those in the repubic party.
    That’s why I am so disappointed in AJ’s jihad against patriotic conservatives.
    Remember, progressives are dangerous as they erode our constitution and transfer power to the STATE.

  10. MerlinOS2 says:

    Look at the history of lefty types smashing police cars at the party conventions and vandalizing property all the time and they want to call real people upset with the current situation worse.

    Simple projection and media spin. Don’t think for a second the public will buy it.

    The nutroots has gone to almost zero discussion on the merits and now is all name calling and just spin.

    They have over reached and see the brass ring slipping away.

  11. kathie says:

    I just watched the “you tube” where Obama said, ‘I don’t want the folks who created the mess to do a lot of talking. I want them to get out of the way so we can clean up the mess’…….You need to watch the whole thing.

    He said this to a group of followers in Virginia, I think yesterday. It may still be up at Drudge still.

    It is positively breathtaking in arrogance, immaturity, and thuggery, it is difficult to believe that those words and more came out of the mouth of the President of the United States. His body language was that of a self-graduating bully.

    It would be as if President Bush standing on the rubble of the world Trade Center had said, I inherited this mess that killed 3,000 Americans, and those of you who voted for my predecessor had better get out of the way, because this administration is going to do something about it. We don’t need you, and then chuckled.
    What a jerk.

  12. owl says:

    Can I call him ‘scary’ yet? It is all coming straight from the WH. That’s so shocking to some. I am not convinced we can stop them from stealing the next elections with pure thugs threatening the voters away. Seriously.

    Our elected Pugs had better find themselves some lawyers that know how to street fight and start now. Why is it only DIMS that file suit?

    And to think that if he can’t cram it down our throats, it will be because of DIM pols. Nope, they’ll pass some crap and work on it gradually. Rather like ‘Get God off that money!’ and whatever you do, ‘Don’t pray!’. It’s against the law.

  13. Frogg1 says:

    While Sebelius is coordinating with SIEU on what they have to do to get healthcare reform passed, the St Louis tea party is organizing a protest in front of SIEU headquarters against their violence. I think what the Democrats and Union don’t realize is that “we the people” have reached their “enough is enough” moment. I’m not sure anything can stop this Congress, however. It is going to take everything we have.

    btw, know who is behind all this health care reform? The man who has destroyed countries……George Soros.

  14. CatoRenasci says:

    momdear1 wrote:

    “What you folks in California called vigilantes, down here in the South we called Klansmen. When Nathan Bedford Forest organized the first Klan activities white people in the South were second class c itizens who had no rights. In fairnes to Forest, after it’s initial success, he tried to disband the Klan”

    You are correct. One of my Southern greatgrandfathers was involved with NBF in the original Klan shortly after The War and was involved in disbanding it. He would have nothing to do with any of the later incarnations. I have heard first hand stories of the violence during the election of 1876 in the South from my grandmother who watched her house be burned by a freedman/carpetbagger/scalawag mob.

    I must say the excesses of the current Democrat controlled Congress remind me of nothing so much as the excesses and corruption of some of the Reconstruction era legislatures in the South and the Radical Republicans in Congress during Reconstruction.

  15. Terrye says:

    Better be careful AJ, they might decide that you are a dangerous extremist.

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