Aug 03 2009

Obamacare Will Destroy Private Health Care – Over Time

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Well, it seems President Obama was, at one time in a weak moment, quite honest about his plan to destroy the private health care industry – over time.


The only way to ensure the liberal democrats don’t come and take your health insurance – over 10, 15 or 20 years – and dump you into a government run and rationed disaster is to make sure no health care overhaul includes even the hint of a ‘public’ plan. Democrats were lying to America about their true intentions. They wanted to throw a huge segment of our population out of their private sector jobs and push us into a socialist system.

When the government run health care option comes to a vote in the House this fall  it must fail, and fail big. That is the only bullet proof solution to the potential of liberals to dictate health care access and quality for all.

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4 Responses to “Obamacare Will Destroy Private Health Care – Over Time”

  1. crosspatch says:

    The pushback I am seeing the politicians getting in town hall meetings across the country is enough to make one so proud of our citizens.

    This bill is scaring people. We are talking about the health of our children and our aging parents. Congress is attempting to shove sweeping changes down our throats very quickly with little open debate. Most people are quite satisfied with our current care. Most of is do NOT want a system like in the UK or Canada. Australia’s even sucks to hear the Aussies tell it.

    To hear Geithner tell it, the medical bill is “key” to getting the federal deficit under control which validates my earlier conclusion that the real purpose of this bill is to get rid of Medicare by expanding it to include everyone, then denying service to old people while taking in money from healthy people.

    THAT is the reason they are pushing this. They aren’t interested in our health, they are interested in our cash. They aren’t willing to grow a pair and come right out and say that Medicare is broke and will break the federal budget because there really is no such thing as the “trust fund” which is composed only of a pile of IOUs for money long spent and the Treasury has no money with which to redeem them.

    Next they will go after pension plans when Social Security hits the same problem over the next few years. It isn’t when the trust fund is empty that the problem happens, it is when the program goes “cash flow negative” and that pile of IOUs are redeemed. Congress has no money to redeem them. They already spent the “trust fund”.

    Remember the old political saying, where they is smoke, there are mirrors.

    Another lie Geither repeats in that video is that the administration “inherited a 1.3 trillion dollar deficit”. That is a lie. 1: Obama signed that budget, not Bush. 2: Not a single Republican in the House or the Senate voted for it. It was passed by a Democrat Congress and signed by Obama after he took office. He didn’t inherit ANYTHING and I resent our public officials lying about it as if the budget deficit was something the previous administration did.

  2. dbostan says:

    Only by purging the “progressives” from both parties, we can protect our nation and ourselves from the liberal fascist path they plot for us.
    They never give up, they are going for it for over a hundred years.

  3. marksbbr says:

    dbostan, “progressive” does not equal liberal. I know liberals like to call themselves “progressives,” given the fact that the l-word has a negative connotation to it. But they’re not the same. I consider myself a progressive, in the mold of T Roosevelt, but certainly not a liberal. The key difference: government should help people, but government should not become a babysitter.

    Anyway, while the left is busy painting the insurance industry as the villians, and the massive cheering in the video, they again do not comprehend the ugly truth of their mission. Simply put, as much as they hate private health insurance, it provides a source of income for many Americans. Attack the insurance companies, and people will lose their jobs. Only a liberal would claim to want to keep people employed while seeking to kill an industry.