Aug 02 2009

Sarah Palin Is A Real Threat To The Political Industrial Complex

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I read yesterday about the nasty, viscous rumors swirling around the liberal fevered swamps. Seems when they lose something (like government run health care) their small, angry minds must search out satisfaction making up lies about their most feared adversaries – average Americans. And there is no larger threat to the sick, liberal, elitists than Sarah Palin. Not only am I glad to see the rumors were false (though I pretty much knew that since I decided not to post on the topic and went to see Paul McCartney last night at DC’s Fedex Field without giving the matter a second thought), I am also glad to see the leftwing nuts take another devastating hit in their credibility. In fact, this is a two-fer, one hit for spreading malicious lies and another hit for the giddy glee they exposed. They are, in fact. the worst of this great country.

Somebody has to be last, be the example of failure and poor emotional stability. These people are it:

Todd and Sarah Palin to divorce:

A National Enquirer story exposing previous affairs on both sides led to a deterioration of their marriage and the stress from that led to Palin’s resignation as governor of Alaska last week.

The National Enquirer? Oh please. Let me guess, one of the affairs was with a visiting Martian couple?

Exclusive! Sarah and Todd Palin are Splitsville!:

Earlier this week one of my best sources claimed to have explosive new information for me.

It took all week for us to finally get together, but last night we finally sat down for an amazing conversation. And what I heard made my jaw drop.

This from the aptly named ‘immoral minority’ – aka ‘scum of the earth’, ‘big  time loser’, whiney wannabe’. This is what we learned from the top link about this source:

UPDATE by RAM: So, let me understand the “story” according to Zaki and other “journalists”…

At the beginning of the month, Zaki reported that Gov. Palin was being investigated by the FBI and was going to jail. That turned out to be false. Last week, the ADN reported that Gov. Palin was moving to the Hamptons. That turned out to be false. Today, Zaki reports that Gov. Palin is moving to Montana after throwing her wedding ring into Lake Lucille. That turns out to be false.

They are reporting blatant lies. Quit making things up! 

Like I said – scum. Definitely not our nation’s finest. 

What this blow up exposes is a searing fear on the liberal left. They see Obama’s failures stacking up. They see him tacking to the center to salvage what he can. They see their global warming and government managed health care myths imploding. They are frightened that they are failing only a few steps from the golden ring.

This is just the beginning. These animals are cornered and so close to their treasure they will become much uglier. You can count on it.

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  2. kathie says:

    What the Democrat party is continuing to do to Sarah Palin is despicable.

    What is amazing is the gap between ordinary citizens and the political talking heads. Are newly minted elite Harvard and east coast graduates have little in common with America’s heart.

    On another subject, Medicare. In the fine print, not talked about much, is the idea that government spending on Medicare and Medicaid will be taken out of the hands of the people and centralized in the White House. That is the board that the President talks about that will make decisions on care that works and doesn’t. It is clear that the only way of bending the curve on medical expenses is to reduce the cost of Medicare, especially with the boomers coming on. Take “reimbursement out of politics” is the new mantra. You see, those who we elect depend on the elder vote, this is how we got the drug plan. Remember, the elderly are eating dog food because they can’t afford their medication and groceries. So we have a drug plan that is not paid for, it increased the budget. The people know they have a stake in improving their care because they elect representatives who make promises to them. I guess if Medicare is taken out of the hands of representatives, we would have to get rid of a president that doesn’t respond to the people.

  3. max says:

    What they are worry about is Sarah is coming out to fight them on both Cap & Trade & Healthcare on a national platform that she could not while the Liberals had her boxed in Alaska using Rules for Radicals tactics. Make no mistake people, the Liberals have not giving up on both of these issues. They are going all out come September to gets these through Congress & into law. Palin is the only real political figure who can muster up a challenge to them & that is one the countless reason that they have this rabid desire to destroy her politically & personally. I mean, come on they had William Shatner, mocking her tweets, on the Tonight Show, talk about panic mode. As for Captain Kirk, I got a little advice for someone who found his wife “Floating” in a pool, lay low, don’t be like O.J.

  4. Rasmussen had some interesting numbers on the 2012 race:

    I think that the GOP has a chance, but they need to NOT play the polarization game.