Jun 09 2005

Chillin’ Wisdom

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Well, as three new judicial nominees were confirmed today it appears the Coalition’s coolness in response to the ‘deal’ showed the strength of “chillin wisdom”. As the the meaning sinks in on what the deal meant for dems and the GOP, more and more people are beginning to see the dems are the ones painted into a corner. If they break the agreement, that now is seen as up and fully operational, they will be seen as partisan fanatics and lose them independent moderates – who do decide elections in this country between the two major parties.

James Taranto as a great analysis of democrat votes in the cloture/nomination processes, whether they come from red or blue state, and how a filibuster is now VERY difficult for the liberals to pull together.

The seven compromisers, who are obliged to refrain from filibustering judicial nominees (Myers and Saad excepted) in the absence of “extraordinary circumstances.” To determine whether such circumstances exist, they must rely on their “own discretion or judgment”–i.e., they may not simply vote the party line. If they do, the “nuclear option” is back on the table.

Three senators who voted for cloture on both the Brown and Pryor nominations, suggesting that they are disinclined, whether for reasons of principle or politics, to filibuster judicial nominees.

Two senators who voted for cloture on Pryor but against it on Brown, suggesting that they are somewhat disinclined to filibuster.

Barring a Senate vacancy this year or next, sustaining a filibuster of a judicial nominee (again, excluding Myers and Saad) would require the cooperation of at least eight of the 12 above-listed senators, at least three of whom would be acting in violation of the agreement

Ryan James has posted the complete roll call votes for all three here, here and here

Alexander McClure at Polipundit is taking a little pride in his decision to join the Coalition today as well:

Today, I have been proven correct. Not only have Owens, Brown, and Pryor been confirmed, but McKeague and Griffin.

As I felt at the time, “In short, this is the submission of the minority to the will of the majority. Democrats and wobbly Republicans can spin it as they will, but you, my readers, will I hope see otherwise.”

This was Carl Levin on the nominees: “We support moving on with these two nominations. We hope that in doing so, it may produce some bipartisanship and compromise…”

Please keep in mind that he had personally blocked these nominees.

I wonder who put the pressure on Levin to back off??

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