Jan 17 2009

UN Supports Terrorism, To The Point Of Providing Jobs And Shelter

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Forgive and Forget! it is an interesting concept. Some assume it means to pardon. Well, pardoning a minor insults, clumsy act or verbal gaffe is fine. But mass murder? Atrocities against innocent children? Using civilians as human shields? No, that is not the kinds of acts that fall under the Forgive and Forget clause of human interactions.

When you get into violence, death and/or severe damage (e.g., financial, etc) you are clearly in the domain of punishment and justice. You will pay a price, and then work most of your existence to earn forgiveness to the level of forgetting those abhorrent actions which required punishment and justice.

I note this because a lot of liberals seem to want to forgive and forget serious past discretions. They think this is a form of tolerance in beliefs. The rest of this know this as dangerously reckless ignorance. I will be posting on many examples of this as Obama goes forward in the same dangerously reckless ignorance that dogged Bill Clinton (e.g., Somalia, WTC Bombings, African Embassy Bombings, USS Cole Bombings). Clinton never understood what was happening around him, how his actions were sending green light signals to all our enemies. By the end of his administration Iraq had jettisoned the UN and al Qaeda was in the US preparing for 9-11.

The problem for many is while actions create reactions and results (many times terrible), the reaction can take years to form the result. It is therefore hard for many people to see these forces, just like playing chess and thinking moves ahead can be hard. Those who only exist in the moment, with little thought of the possible outcomes (outside their Walter Mitty day dreams of how great they will be to humanity), are most susceptible to cataclysmic disasters from well intentioned screw ups.

But setting aside Obama for now, the first example I have is on the liberal democrat role model of governing and national security – the United Nations. This dysfunctional body has become the preeminent historic example of a impotent bureaucracy that sucks up huge amounts of money and produces one disaster after another. It is the galactic nadir of well intentioned screw ups.

And now we learn this supposed body of peace employs terrorists at its schools in Gaza:

The United Nations agency that administers a school in Gaza where dozens of civilians were killed by Israeli mortar fire last week has admitted to employing terrorists to work at its Palestinian schools in the past, has no system in place to keep members of Hamas or Islamic Jihad off its payroll, and provides textbooks to children that contain hate speech and other incendiary information.

Sad fact is Obama and the Dems will not do a damn thing about this – except send our hard earned money so the UN can do more of the same. The UN is not even denouncing Hamas for locating rocket launchers near the school and attracting a deadly counter attack from the Israelis! Did Hamas close the school when it started firing? Hell no – it needed young dead bodies to get on the all to complicit liberal nightly news networks. Why blow up a school and lose UN paychecks unless you get the maximum PR out of it – right?

And its not like this is the first hint. Some in the GOP called for actions to stop this months ago. But the UN is clearly supporting Hamas. I mean how else to explain giving them jobs, hate filled text books and blocking US efforts to expose the acts?

And this is not isolated. Look what happened at the UN compound itself in Gaza. Indications are enemy fire erupted from the UN compound, which then drew counter fire from the Israelis being attacked. The UN and it s useful idiots are claiming this was open aggression by the Israelis. It is a dumb claim. Everyone knows war zones are dangerous to incidental fire. But what is truly worrisome is the fact the UN is admitting terrorists are in hospitals, schools and the such and blame Israeli when they attack and the response kills the human shields near them. 

Is this what the UN Is doing with all that oil money they took from Saddam Hussein to feed the poor Iraqis (which never made it back to Iraq)?

The UN is now complicit in the terrorists propaganda efforts. It is like having a French Goebbels damn Europe for fighting back against the Nazi Putsche and putting people at risk in the battles. The UN is now part of the terrorist network, promulgating their lies while funding them and teaching the next generation of mad killers. Looks pretty obvious to me that we are long past Forgive and Forget with the UN and its terrorist ties.

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  1. Birdalone says:

    Thanks AJ – the UN Human Rights Council score is now condemnation of Israel: 16; Sudan: 1.

    Claudia Rossset at Forbes on Jan 15 2009: “…To chair the 2009 governing board of the U.N.’s flagship agency, the multibillion-dollar globe-girdling United Nations Development Program, dedicated to promoting good governance and ending poverty, the U.N. has now picked–wait for it–the Islamic Republic of Iran.

    This decision–reached last Friday–has escaped public notice, perhaps because the UNDP has neglected to advertise the news, or maybe because the world is too busy watching in Gaza the latest product of Iran’s terrorist development programs in the Middle East.

    But handing Iran the gavel of the UNDP executive board ranks right up there with the U.N.’s choice in 2003 of Libya to head the old Human Rights Commission, or Zimbabwe in 2007 to chair the Commission on Sustainable Development. … Boasting a presence in 166 countries, the UNDP moves money [NINE BILUSD], personnel and equipment across borders around the globe with minimal independent oversight. It does not bode well to have this kind of outfit chaired by Iran, with its record of running networks for terror and sanctions-busting nuclear procurement.

    Prone to collaborating on “development programs” with some of the world’s worst tyrannies, from North Korea to Syria to Zimbabwe to Iran (where it fields a big office), the UNDP has inspired quips in recent years that its initials might better stand for “UN Dictators Program,” or that maybe, in the tradition of Oil-for-Food, the agency should be re-named “Dollars for Dictators.”…”


    as to Israel and UN in Gaza:

    “…Describing some of the abiding challenges, Israeli officials note that the same 21 anti-Israel resolutions are passed by an automatic majority in the General Assembly every year. “That is before we’ve done anything,” one official said.

    When it comes to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, Israel is in a special bind. On one hand Israeli officials say they recognize the vital role of the organization that provides food and other assistance to hundreds of thousands of Gaza’s poor.

    On the other hand, the agency is often accused by critics in Israel and beyond of perpetuating the Palestinian refugee problem, being the only United Nations branch dedicated to a specific refugee population whose numbers, according to the agency’s criteria, constantly grow.

    The attack on the compound underscored mutual suspicions and inherent antipathy on both sides. …”


  2. OLDPUPPYMAX says:

    When Clinton knealt in standard liberal hommage to terrorist groups and their UN sponsors, he was called a masterful practitioner of diplomacy. Bush attacked and killed these thugs after slick Willies policies cost 3000 lives and was immediately declared a warmonger and invader. Hopefully Israel has learned from its disaterous and disgraceful misshandling of Hezbollah two years ago. The war will not end until Hamas is destroyed.

  3. Frogg says:

    When can we declare the UN a “state sponsor of terror”???? Long overdue.

  4. kathie says:

    The UN can’t even define terrorism so how would they know if they were hiring terrorists or not, or why would they care?

  5. Terrye says:

    The problem is the UN is no better than its member states. So, we have child abuse, rape, murder and terrorism being supported by the UN.

    It is too bad they can not disband the UN and perhaps keep parts of it that do some good, like WHO and Unicef and then create a new organization of democratic states. That would leave out most of the Arab world, with the exception of Iraq.

  6. Where Hamas gets its money…

    At The Terror Finance Blog, researcher Rachel Ehrenfeld (author of Funding Evil) recites the litany of money that flows to Hamas from donors such as the European Union, Arab states, the United States, and, shockingly, Israel itself: Supplies and cash…..

  7. owl says:

    In 2001, I made my personal list of USA enemies that Bush needed to fight. 1)terrorists 2)UN & International Governing 3)MSM. By 2003, revised the list to 1)MSM 2)terrorists 3)UN.

    Well, he managed to drive the MSM so crazy that they came out of their closet and exposed themselves to many. Unfortunately, some pundits like O’Reilly, think NBC became political hacks in 2007 or so. No, you blind fool. Unfortunately, they still retained to power to elect themselves a President, and now can claim that the economy is what broke them. Grrrrr.

    President Bush did a good job on the UN on his watch. He gave them a speech worth watching and then exposed their incompetence at every turn.

    The REASON the WORLD (UN) and the anti-American zealots(in this country) hate President George W Bush is because he rained on their UN World Government. He put it on hold for 8 years when they were on the brink. Think about that. Think about Dianne Fienstien and Carl Levin saying we needed UN permission to go to war.

    The terrorists? He killed them by the thousands.

    Now the MSM has elected themselves a President who will give their UN World Government the nod. Too damn scary.

  8. owl says:

    OT rant. I am sick to death of Barrack Hussien Obama and he has not even taken office.

    They have the nerve to call President Bush ARROGANT. Obama has his FAUX presidential news conferences with all the flags. Every single day to ENCROACH.

    The GALL of this man. He places the wreath before he is anything. ENCROACHING toad.

    We wraps himself in flags and NOW places his hand on his heart instead of turning his back.

    He created the Office of the President Elect. Faux, arrogant, ENCROACHING toad.

    I was willing to give him an even start until I watched his actions. I can’t stand him but tomorrow he will be my president. Yep, I will try to show some respect for the REAL President. But not the faux.