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Sep 13 2009

Comparing Tea Party 9/12/09 To Obama Inauguration Crowds

Updates Below I have been doing some research analyzing photos and crowd data to try and ascertain the crowd size of the 9/12/09 Tea Party protests (which I blogged on here). It seems the best, most recent reference point is President Obama’s inauguration, which was estimated at 1.8-2.0 million people. If you look at the […]

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Sep 12 2009

Washington DC Tea Party 9/12/2009

(Note: All images can be viewed full sized by clicking image) Update: I should have explained my rationale for assessing the Obama inauguration to the 9/12/09 Tea Party. The Inauguration took up more square footage on the mall, but the demonstration was not packed into seats but crammed in and hanging on top of everything […]

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Apr 21 2009

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Lot’s of folks recall that CNN reporter who went all drama queen on the TV when covering the tea parties. A reader (EL Rider) who was there updates us on what happened: I was in the crowd shown in the Roesgen CNN video at the Chicago Tea Party, I was photographing the event. The crowd […]

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Apr 15 2009

Fingers Crossed For Successful Tea Party Day – Great Day!

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Update: Just a quick note on the Tea Parties. From the reporting on TV they look to be a big success – but they are not at the size needed to roll back the reckless spending Congress and the Obama administration have put in place. My benchmark is the Palin rallies from last summer. I […]

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Mar 22 2009

Tea Parties Growing

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No doubt Obama’s reckless policies are creating a grass roots response in the form of Tea Parties, which are growing in number and size if Orlando is any indication.

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Mar 08 2009

Tea Party Movement Growing

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One common theme starting to percolate through the electorate is the resistance to any plans to bail out homeowners who got in over their heads (or worse, lied on their applications) before doing anything for those who have been responsible and keeping up with their mortgage payments. As I proposed earlier, before a dime is […]

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Feb 27 2009

First Tea Parties A Small Success

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The Sentelli call for a national Tea Party has begun with a small start. For a last minute call to protest, with no media support or organization like one would normally see, and for a cold work day in February, it is a good start. You can see photos and right ups from various protests […]

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