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Sep 19 2010

The Silent Tsunami

What do the VA & NJ Governor races in 2009, the MA Senate special election in January 2010, the Alaska GOP senate primary race, the NY GOP governor primary and the DE GOP senate primary race all seem to have in common? Answer: The trends of these races only became evident to the public very […]

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Sep 16 2010

O’Donnell Is Not The Tea Party

I really hate group think. I really hate being told by a mindless mob to get with them or else. It’s so socialistic. Let me echo something I put in a comment at Hot Air while our site was down (and it may go down again – fingers crossed it won’t). There are MANY of […]

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Sep 15 2010

Post Primary Season Reflections

This election continues to be one for the record books. I don’t think we have seen this many incumbent or establishment candidates toppled in a century. The continued, come-from-nowhere wins by Tea Party and Palin backed candidates is a clear indication that this election has a powerful and unified force behind. There is a decidedly […]

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Sep 14 2010

Dirty Political Tricks, Now Where Have We Seen That Before

As I noted in the comments on another post, the spectacle unfolding in the DE GOP senate primary has become a joke. It seems the Tea Party and Governor Palin are being brought back to Earth in DE. The movement and governor have produced surprising and needed upheaval in the GOP. They did it by […]

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Sep 13 2010

Will Tea Party Have Upset In DE, Or Will Far Right Fail Again?

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Public Policy Polling is out with a poll showing a nail-biter in the GOP primary in DE for VP Biden’s Senate seat. PPP has Christine O’Donnell – easily the worst candidate the Tea Party has promoted this year (outside a string of really good candidates) – leading Mike Castle 47-44%. This is within the margin […]

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Apr 20 2010

Americans Don’t Trust Government, And Naturally Democrats Are The Party Of Government

Our government is out of control. It is sucking the life blood out of this nation and making a mess of things domestically (or admiration for the defenders of this nation is not in question, unless you are from the liberal left and afraid of the military). It has become nag-in-chief, poking its big ugly […]

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Apr 12 2010

Fringe From Fox?

This is a very bizarre article by Fox News, trying to discern who is fringe and not fringe inside the Tea Party movement. I would guess there are some clear ‘fringe’ folks out there, but I must admit I find one example a bit odd. Let’s review Fox’s version of fringe: But while organizers have […]

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Feb 09 2010

Conservatives Deserve Serious Leaders

In a follow up to my post on how the fringe right is trying to co-opt the Tea Party movement I want to applaud this piece on Birther nonsense: The “we’re just asking questions” rationale seems to be the explanation du jour for the tiresome and self-destructive continuing “Birther” fixation of some journalists who purport to […]

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Sep 18 2009

Riots Break Out, Proving Pelosi Fears

I have come across some disturbing images of rioting that prove Nancy Pelosi’s flashback fears to the 1970’s are valid: Oops! Seems that was a riot in LA after the 2009 NBA championship. But this image clearly shows that America is on the verge of violence: Err, … sorry. That was University of Maryland fans […]

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Sep 13 2009

9/12/09 Tea Party Was Obamacare Game Changer

My previous posts on the 9/12/09 Tea Party are here and here, but I wanted to note some early indications I see that the Tea Party protests have seriously changed the dynamics in DC. [Note, this is not a post about Glenn Beck’s cynical “912” attempt to take credit/control of the rising backlash against Obama […]

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