Mar 22 2009

Tea Parties Growing

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No doubt Obama’s reckless policies are creating a grass roots response in the form of Tea Parties, which are growing in number and size if Orlando is any indication.

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  1. AJStrata says:


    The ridiculous amount of money being spent on them, the crushing debt they will rack up and the fact they will not stimulate the economy because they will take a year to start up. – Duh!

    Once you get past all this they look exactly the same. We call that the “liberal squint”, which means you close your eyes enough to be able to ignore all discerning and critical differences to the point you can tell the difference.

    You know, like when people claimed Bush and America were just like Al Qaeda (though there were no beheadings by the GOP to teach the people to fall in line).

  2. GuyFawkes says:

    A little correction, AJ – no Democratic politican “claimed Bush and America were just like Al Qaeda”.

    However, there are actual Republicans in Congress (the chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, nonetheless) stating that the GOP should emulate the Taliban.

    So, let’s keep it straight where the comparisons are coming from, mmkay?