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Feb 13 2010

The Pending Implosion Of Liberal Socialism

Marxist, socialist, liberal, progressive – it does not matter what minor distinctions you wish to use, all of them are heading for world-wide implosion as the decay that is built into their public policies finally start rippling through world markets. Left wing ideologies all suppose the government is superior to the market and the individuals […]

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Jan 09 2010

It’s The Unemployment Rate, Stupid

[Note: All graphs can be clicked to access a larger version] Of all the green-eye-shade economic statistics, nothing touches the mood of the electorate like the unemployment numbers. After 3 decades of generally improving economic conditions, which started with Ronald Reagan and his across the board tax cuts, many people have lost touch with the […]

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Jan 06 2010

Democrats Heading For The Exits, Stage Left

Update: 5 more democrats are in serious trouble, 11 months from the midterm elections: From Nevada, where Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid trails badly, to Arkansas, where Sen. Blanche Lincoln is polling at just 40 percent in head-to-head matchups with four possible Republican challengers, opposition to the health-care bill is reverberating. Any incumbent sitting at […]

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Dec 21 2009

‘Tis The Week Before Christmas, And The Liberal Democrat Economy Sucks!

It’s very hard to be upbeat this Christmas, what with over 10 months of failed job stimulus behind us and the promise of another 10 months of the same ahead. Because of rampant liberal madness in DC we the American people now owe extra trillion dollars, with another trillion coming this next year. We the […]

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Dec 17 2009

Nation’s Number Of Unemployed Still Expanding

Don’t trust statistics unless you know exactly how they were generated and what the error or uncertainty is in the number. And always question a surprise positive jump in any number when it comes from an administration in desperate need of a surprise jump in that number. Take November’s lost jobs number – it seemed […]

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Dec 11 2009

Spending Christmas Unemployed

The November unemployment rate made a modest (and statistically insignificant) turn for the better with the claim that America only lost 11,000 jobs in November. That claim seems wildly suspect. It seems implausible that we went from losing 190,000 jobs in October to only 11,000 jobs lost in November Weekly first time jobless claims fell […]

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Nov 06 2009

Obamanomics Still An Abomination

As I noted yesterday the topic driving the electorate is the unemployment, which shot up dramatically again in October: The United States economy shed 190,000 jobs in October, and the unemployment rate reached a 26-year high of 10.2 percent, up from 9.8 percent in September, the Department of Labor said Friday in its monthly economic […]

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Oct 22 2009

Unemployment Spreading, Thanks To Liberals’ Faux Stimulus Bill

Alternate title: Liberal Stimulus Bill Puts 2 million Additional People on Emergency Unemployment The state by state unemployment figures came out yesterday and it is not a very pretty sight. There is no recovery in progress, not for most of America, because the job losses keepl piling up (albeit at a slower rate): Unemployment rose in […]

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Sep 15 2009

America Concerned About Jobs, Stimulus Goes To Select Few

It’s the economy, stupid. A famous one-liner from James Carville that reminded the last Democrat administration that ideology is all well and good, but if the economy is not performing the voters will not tolerate or accept a bunch of ideology in place of jobs and financial security. In 1994 the last attempt by liberals […]

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Sep 14 2009

Old Media Rotting Out On Hubris To Extinction

I have noticed that the old media (every outlet shocked by the combined wisdom that comes crashing out of the electronic media and electronic public square) has been screwing up and self destructing for years. As one of those strange creatures who brought home the Mosaic Browser to play with (first browser, only site on […]

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