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Aug 28 2012

White Rich Guy Who Demeans Women…

The Democrats will claim there is a rich white guy who demeans women (and will dump them when they need their partner most)…. They will prey on the idea men are self absorbed and will flee for greener pastures when times get tough (i.e., when cancer comes into the picture). Somehow I think that one […]

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Aug 11 2012

“Small-Government” Rep Paul Ryan Joins Team Romney

Mitt Romney made a bold move today – he picked a running mate that will easily overshadow him for the rest of the election cycle (like Sarah Palin rapidly overshadowed Senator McCain). And like Sarah Palin before him, Rep Paul Ryan is going to be the small-government, Libertarian, Tea Party voters’ rallying point on the […]

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Jan 29 2012

Romeny Win In FL Guarantees GOP Loses Across Board 2012

Well, well, well. It seems the establishment GOP is so determined not to let the 2012 insurgent voter get a piece of their political pie they will do anything to get Romney elected. Sarah Palin – as one of the Tea Party, libertarian leaders – has not been silent on the mudslinging against Newt Gingrich […]

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Jan 25 2012

Denial Runs Deep In The Romney Camps

It is really disturbing when your side loses its objectivity and shows signs of deep political denial. It makes them look just like liberals. For example, the Romney camps are singing “Amen!” at a bunch of new polls out. Just check this out at Hot Air: This makes three new polls showing him [Romney] either […]

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