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Nov 07 2016

Colorado Early Voting 11_07_16: Dem Turnout Cratering

Source of this data is here. In my last post on November 4th, I noted that the Democrat Early Voting  numbers were dropping off, while the GOP voting remained steady and the remaining groups (dominated by unaffiliated voters – a.k.a. “Independents”) where growing. Colorado does not release their results over the weekend Quinolones, e.g. completion, […]

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Nov 04 2016

Colorado Early Voting 11_04_16: Dem Voter Turnout Dropping

The source of this data his here. As we go into the final weekend before election day, we have some very interesting numbers in the Colorado Early Voting tallies. The Dems had jumped out to a big lead as a percentage of votes cast in the beginning. But they have been slowly dropping off as […]

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Nov 03 2016

Colorado Early Voting Shows Democrat Drop-Off 11_03_16

The source of this data is here It is a total coincidence that I decided to unveil another Early Voting metric in a battleground state the same day a new poll comes out in that state showing the same trend: KUSA – The race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is tied in Colorado. That’s […]

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