May 10 2013

The Benghazi Smoking Gun

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When four people are horribly murdered, it is incumbent upon society to resolve why, and bring those to justice who were at fault. It does not matter if those at fault pulled the trigger, or where simply responsible to protect the dead and were derelict in their duty (which some are paid huge sums of money to perform). The dead deserve justice when their life is taken brutally from them.

If we do not bring justice to the murdered, we are not civilized, we are not progressive.  We are simply brutish thugs playing the age old game of the powerful living high on the toils, pain and suffering of the masses. If we do not resolve what happened in Benghazi and why four Americans died, then they died for nothing. And we – America – threw all they were away.

That is why what ABC News has discovered is not just about memos that were edited. It was about people who knew they screwed up, people who put those 4 Americans in an impossible situation – ordered them to go – and then tried to hide their tracks when their directions got those 4 Americans killed.

If someone in the State Dept had told these four people to drive a car know to have a safety issue, and they were killed because the car failed in the very way everyone knew the car was unsafe (pick bald tires as an example), that State Department person would be heading to court and likely jail. Now mix in that State Department person trying to hide the reports on those bald tires, and claiming it was something else that caused the accident and killed those people. Then what do you think would happen?

Changing the records to cover up clear wrong doing is not simply editing a memo:

More ABC News Videos

This is really damning stuff. There is now absolutely clear evidence that Hillary’s team directed the truth  to be removed from the talking points. And the reason for the deletion is just incredible:

In an email to officials at the White House and the intelligence agencies, State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland took issue with including that information because it “could be abused by members [of Congress] to beat up the State Department for not paying attention to warnings, so why would we want to feed that either?

Four Americans, one the US Ambassador to Libya, are dead and these idiots are worried their careers are over because they ignored the warnings! Damn straight you are going to get beat up for it! You ordered people into an area that was dangerous, and stripped down their security before doing it!  Only Hillary can order someone to do something this dangerous (and stupid).

Which explains her emotional outburst about the matter in front of Congress

What difference does it make? People died and your Department’s incompetence was the reason they were exposed and killed. The difference is to bring justice to the dead, vs cover the political ambitions of some DC pol and her minions.

Listen to the end, because Hillary explains to everyone why this needs to be run to ground. She herself says we need to find out what happened so it does not happen again.  And in her case, let the chips fall. If her team covered it up, she and her team are responsible.

More by Ed Morrissey at Hot Air

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  1. kathie says:

    My hunch is that Clinton acted at the direction of the President in all things Libya. Clinton looks like the bad guy, the President again smells like a rose.

  2. jan says:

    This may sound harsh, however, I have viewed Hillary Clinton’s ambition for power to be so cunning and cruel that, IMO, she has become nothing more than a hardened political sociopath in her behavior — simply not caring how she gets to the top. This was apparent, way back during her husband’s various affairs, when she exhibited scant outrage over his misconduct with various woman who came forward, only embarrassment and anger over how such stories might hurt this power-couple’s future.

    Now we have Benghazi occurring, at the end of a less-than-noteworthy term as SOS. It has finally become obvious, even for some of the dim-witted MSM, that people’s lives, even the well being of this country, took a back seat, in order to cover Hillary’s involvement in the myriad of myopic decisions implemented under her watch, before, during and then after the Benghazi tragedy.

    Basically, the last 4 plus years has been a dismal and inept time in our history, run by a deceitful ship of Obama fools.

  3. patrioticduo says:

    @kathie, this is what you get when the commander in chief doesn’t have a clue how to lead but does know how to politicize the functions of Government. Barry is as close to a 100% political President as you can get. I don’t like to use extreme terms but “our dear leader” fits. He is President Facade or President Effigy. In many ways, Stevens was the victim just as much as Hillary now will be. There’s no wonder why she resigned and was replaced by the undertaker from Massachusetts.

  4. kathie says:

    The President had to know the situation in Libya. He directed the policy. When things started falling apart who directed what? The emails from State are one piece of the puzzle, where are the President’s emails? They both went to bed early the night of the attack, why were they so unconcerned?

  5. jan says:

    I hold the President accountable. But, I have never thought he ran the show. His detachment from everything, including the run-up to health care, the budget, Iran, Libya, Benghazi (the list is endless) have not demonstrated a hands-on approach, but rather a reactive one when he had no choice but to get involved. He is the front man, the fund-raiser, the token AA who can brush aside any and all criticism of his administration by merely calling it ‘racism.’

    I really think, though, that Hillary’s State Department carries much of the weight of the Benghazi debacle. She personally sent Stevens to that Libyan post to normalize it. She personally had to sign off on the waivers allowing sub-standard safety conditions to exist. She had to know and/or authorize the subsequent decrease of security in Benghazi, at the same time terrorism was increasing all around it. And, finally, HC is the one who was on the phone at 2AM and got the real story from Hicks of what was happening, after which she went out and blatently told lies about it.

  6. kathie says:

    That is the point…..the President looks like he runs nothing, the public holds him responsible for NOTHING, so he goes out and says everyone else is the bad guy. It is his way of skating. But his guys in the White House especially Valerie, run everything. Clinton got caught in the mess. Who do you think ordered reduced security, it was policy from the top. Not that Clinton isn’t responsible, she should have never sent State Dept employees to Libya under the circumstances. She should have resigned and told the truth. Obama has proven to be smarter than both the Clintons. Bill must be furious.

  7. jan says:


    I agree with you about Valerie Jarrett’s role in the WH. She is a big shadow at Obama’s side — one he defers to regularly about everything, including when to go after OBL. She seems to be of similar importance as Karen Hughes was with GWB — but even more so.

    When it comes to Benghazi, I think Clinton may have been following Obama’s lead about sending Stevens to create a working post in Libya, to indicate that terrorism had ebbed under his watch. But, I also think that it was her inept instructions that failed to provide adequate security for Benghazi (perhaps believing the fairy tale Obama was trying to promote). And, I also think she realized it was her state dept’s hide that would be flamed when everything collapsed last September, hence the cover-up was primarily by her and her close aides. This will definitely cause some rough edges to any 2016 ambitions, maybe even crushing them. But, that is more a hope than anything else, given the protective shield the MSM and political cronies have around her — including the long reach her husband still has within the dem party.

    As for Obama being tainted by this — his numbers have slid a little. But, being his name is completely being kept out of the hearings (so far), it seems more likely others will take the hit rather than him.

  8. jan says:

    This Michael Ramirez cartoon says it all, regarding Hillary Clinton being caught up in all the Benghazi lies.

  9. dbostan says:

    The real big scandal is about running illegal weapons to islamists in Syria.
    Yes, ILLEGALLY running arms.
    Benghazi-gate is bigger than the Watergate, Iran-Contra, Fast and Furious scandals COMBINED.
    We know that from multiple sources.
    Now Jerry Rivers is spilling the beans…
    Geraldo Rivera: My Sources Tell Me Benghazi Was About Running Missiles to Syria Rebels

  10. Frogg1 says:

    The “gun running” aspect is starting to grow legs. Maybe it was a sad partnership of the WH trying to cover up an Iran-Contra type situation; and, the SD trying to protect Hillary’s 2016 aspirations at the same time??????? I dun’oh. I definately want the truth though.

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