Apr 12 2012

Boomerang Effect

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Tone deaf political consultants can be a real hoot sometimes. Drudge has this up this morning:


But everyone’s knee-jerk response thought is to recall that this person never worked a day in his life either (at a real job before being elected Prez):

It impossible not to make the connection. Difference is, Anne Romney is not running for President. If she were it would be a very painful liability. We don’t need a repeat of the Incompetent-In-Chief

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  1. Redteam says:

    When a woman has been a homemaker and raised 5 children, she has likely worked very much harder than her husband could ever imagine. And that job is 24 hours a day, it doesn’t end at 5 PM. Try a month of it sometime.. I worked long and hard hours a lot of my life, but I would not have wanted to trade jobs with my wife that raised only 2 children and Ann had 5, I can’t even imagine.
    But the article was really about the lack of experience of Obama and in that, eggxackly correct..

  2. patch says:

    So according to some people, beign a wife and mother of five doesn’t count as work?


  3. jan says:

    This piece over at Hot Air expands on the flavor of the Hillary Rosen’s misplaced, gruff comment towards Ann Romney.

    Ironically, when you follow updates to the article, you find Ms. Rosen, defended Michelle Obama’s home role in Obama’s life, back in the 2008 campaign.

    As to Rosen not being connected to Obama’s reelection campaign, the WH log indicates over 30 visits to the WH — she certainly is not a minor operative or slouch to have gained access that many times.

    There are such gross double standards in the dem party!

    BTW, I raised one very active son, and it was exhausting! Going to work was relaxing, in comparison.

  4. Layman says:

    The central theme to the criticsm was that Mitt listens to Ann, Ann tells him that women are interested in economic issues, and that Ann doesn’t no what she’s talking about having “never worked a day in her life.” Let’s pretend to give Ms. Rosen some slack and grant that she meant to include the modifier “outside the home.”

    Stay at home moms typically manage the budget. Gas prices, food prices, utility prices all effect that budget – and all have skyrocked under Obama. If your husband loses his job you’re in trouble. If he’s lucky enough to keep his job but has to take furlough days or a paycut that effects your budget. All are realities of the new landscaoe called Obamaville.

    Since when aren’t those “economic” issues?

  5. Mike M. says:

    AJ, it’s not true that Obama doesn’t work.

    He’s been working hard on his golf game! 🙂

  6. Frogg1 says:

    Romney is in “General Campaign Mode” and so far I like it. Azelrod/Obama campaign have denounced the comments and are now evidentally worried that this will eat away at Obama’s lead among women. Best of all, Romney took this attack on Ann Romney and stay at home Moms — and tied it in to Obama’s economic policies hurting women (which brings the debate back to Obama’s policies).

    Most Awesomest Fact Check Ever

    Ann Romney won this round for the team!

    Democrats Now Say They Never Said ‘War Against Women’?

    Dems ‘War on Women’ attack of Repubs is now toast.

  7. Frogg1 says:

    Oops. Linked the video twice. my bad.

  8. kathie says:

    I think that many people voted for Obama because they hoped, and they wanted to vote for the first black President of the United States. So what do they have now?

    If you make money you are bad, you don’t share enough.
    If you are not black, hispanic, poor, or needy, not so good.
    If you’re just a stay at home woman, we don’t like you much.
    If you’re a conservative woman or a black conservative, really bad.

    I’m sure I’ve missed a few. But are those same people who hoped and voted for the first black President still going to vote for him again? I think not!

  9. Frogg1 says:

    Michelle Obama Throws Hilary Rosen Under The Bus…

    Wasserman Schultz Denounces Her Own Adviser Hilary Rosen Over Ann Romney Comments…

    Avalanche: Ann Romney Wins Overwhelming Support in WaPo Online Poll

  10. jan says:


    As demonstrated by your fine posts, Rosen’s gaffe is a precious gift to the Romney’s. They now have republican/women/independent wagons protectively circling around them from these “uncalled for” attacks from Obama operatives. It has definitely allowed for the undergarments of disingenuousness of the democrats to be revealed.

  11. jan says:

    Rosen gives Romney a chance to close the presidential gender gap

    Both parties seemed to sense that the veteran Democratic strategist’s criticism of the stay-at-home mom could be a game-changer in the fight for female voters.

  12. dhunter says:

    A facebook search of Hillary Rosen turns up 5. A google search turns up 4.
    When Carney the mouth piece was asked about the number of visits Hillary Rosen made to the Whitehouse he said he wasn’t sure he knew THREE Hillary Rosens!
    WTF this mouthpiece must get around if he knows three out of say five in the country!
    Or else this whole regime is a pack of LYING IGNORAMOUSES!
    But We already knew that!

  13. jan says:

    There’s an interesting interview done by Newsmax with Kerry Healey. She was mentioned by Ann Romney, in that Fox interview, as an example of women working with Gov. Romney, Healey being his Lt. Gov.

    Several things to note in this interview: First, Romney is weaving in Obama’s own record with woman, via the now much publicized gaffe of Rosen’s demeaning comment towards Romney’s wife. Healey brought up the fact that when Romney was gov. half his administration’s jobs were filled by women, and was the highest percentage in the country, at that time. She went on to say that it was a very family friendly environment to work in, as well.

    Healy then went on to contrast Obama’s record with women, saying that since 2009 92.3% of those losing jobs were women! I was frankly amazed at this statistic. But, she said it was taken directly from government stats. If true, this would be quite a ‘fact’ to hold over Obama’s head everytime he talks about being for women!

    Kerry Healey: It’s Obama who is out of touch with women

  14. Frogg1 says:

    That Kerry Healey interview was really good. Romney is clearly going to have some fine voices reaching out for the women’s vote.

    Jan, that 92.3% statistic has been fact checked:

    Most Awesomest Fact Check Ever