Apr 24 2012

What Could Add To Obamacare, Higher Taxes & Higher Energy?


Senate Democrats are making plans to force a floor vote on legislation that would invalidate Arizona’s controversial immigration statute if the Supreme Court upholds the law this summer.

The legislation would have little chance of passing in a stalemated Senate or being approved by a GOP-held House, but it would allow Democrats to push their electoral advantage with Latino voters just as the presidential campaign heats up in July.

Only the Democrats are crafty enough to target a shrinking population which is not able to vote anyway:

The number of Mexican migrants to the United States dropped significantly while the number of those returning home increased, bringing net migration from Mexico to a statistical standstill, according to a report published Monday.

The shift over the last several years marks a significant change after four decades of historic immigration from Mexico, according to the report by the Pew Hispanic Center.

So, the Senate Dems (who can’t do their primary job and pass a federal budget to save their lives) have decided to put on a completely useless and futile media show. Which is par for the course.

What an election strategy: Save Obamacare, raise taxes, raise the price of energy and try and bring back the illegal immigrants leaving the country.

Pure genius

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7 Responses to “What Could Add To Obamacare, Higher Taxes & Higher Energy?”

  1. WWS says:

    This is a stupid strategy for the dems on several fronts, not the least of which is that *Legal* hispanic voters (the kind who vote, duh) are not that upset by the Arizona legislation. Illegals of course, are, but when they poll they don’t distinguish between legal and illegal, because that wouldn’t be nice to ask.

    it does point out the reason why Democrats are so upset about voter ID laws – packing the polls with illegals is a well known dem strategy in all of the border states.

    whenever anyone decides to get serious about immigration reform, and sooner or later, they will have to, they are going to end up with a bill that looks a whole lot like the proposal Bush made back in ’05. It looks better and better in hindsight, and as we both said at the time, the WORST possible solution would be to do nothing and just let the entire nasty situation fester.

    Well as usual, we collectively chose the worst possible solution to the problem, which was no solution at all.

  2. dbostan says:

    The “no solution at all”, along with our brilliant marxist dictator, has done what no one did it since the great depression:
    ILLEGALS are self-deporting themselves.
    That’s what I have advocating all along: tough rules for employers, deny ANY aid to illegals’ families and pass local and state laws, like AZ did and watch what happens.

  3. jan says:

    Obama really has no choice but to check all the wedge issue boxes he possibly can, rather than the pressing problems of the day, which he apparently has no idea how to handle effectively. So, that’s why he is going with the campaign themes/theatre of class warfare (big time), ones dealing with racial divides, environmental ones, and so on.

    However, the worries giving this nation sleepless nights are not going away. And, the data saying that new residential homes sales fall 7.1% in March continues to grind away at Obama’s credibility that he able to do anything worthy in order to stimulate the malaise that has befallen this country’s economy.

  4. WWS says:

    actually Obama does deserve credit for turning around the immigration flow. It wasn’t laws that did it, dbostan – those have barely had an impact yet in the few places they’ve been tried. Nah, a huge number of those illegals were working construction and jobs related to construction.

    So, all we had to do to end the illegals coming here was to kill the housing market and make sure there’s no new construction for years and years and years. Obama did it! Congratulations, Obama, you killed the economy! Not even illegals want to come here anymore!!!

  5. AJStrata says:

    Dave J – reading now.


  6. dbostan says:

    I became fascinated lately with the Fisher-Tropsch process.
    It allowed the Nazi Germany to generate a significant % of their diesel/gasoline from coal.
    I see no reason we could not do it, too, since we have so many coal reserves.
    In addition, we could extract thorium from coal, with the additional advantage of having nuclear energy material, too.
    How about raising the visibility of this!?