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Dec 03 2011

Cain Surrenders To The Slime Machine Of The Political Industrial Complex

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I did not think Cain would cave, but he did. Which means politics in America is now controlled by the elite of the Political Industrial Complex. Since that is the case, this blog will be suspending its interest inĀ  parties and politics as well. Since the system is rigged against Main Street, no need to […]

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Dec 03 2011

Climategate 2: Why The Divergence/Decline Destroyed The Hockey Stick

Updates At The End! The Climategate 2 email drop is quite a daunting body of evidence. There is so much damning information it sometimes is hard to figure out what to post on and what emails to use to build a case of malfeasance. My constant argument against the so called science underpinning the IPCC […]

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