Nov 29 2011

A Plea To Herman Cain

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I have one request of you Mr. Cain as you consider your campaign – don’t let the bastards win like this.

Yes, this crap is getting old and is more painful to your family than expected. Whatever the details of the last charges it is the worst reason to leave the race.

Many of us who stand by you do so because you are not a politician but from Main Street America. A man who made good.

If you leave the race over this latest nonsense then there never will be an opportunity for a normal American to lead this nation again.

I implore you to remain in the race through the South Carolina primary at least. I think you will win or come in 2nd in Iowa and South Carolina and really shake things up.

I beg you – let the voters speak. Don’t let the smear machine and the GOP old guard chase you out. Those spineless pols and talking heads would sell their soul to beat Obama – and that means selling you down the river.

You have already taken the hits – now simple see it through a little longer. You paid the price, you may as well finish the ride with you head high. If the voters say they prefer someone else, then you will have departed with your reputation intact, and your supporters will wish you well.

Don’t let the bastards win like this.

Update: This is how the GOP will end as in a whimper:

A growing number of prominent conservatives are abandoning Herman Cain, saying a Georgia woman’s claim that she had a 13-year affairwith the Republican candidate has effectively doomed his presidential bid.

I am right no incredibly proud to NEVER have been a registered Republican or Uber Conservative. Imagine if Clarence Thomas was abandoned like this. Losers on the right unite in defeat!

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  1. ivehadit says:

    I agree!!

  2. WWS says:

    Understand that whether he stays in or not is no longer Cain’s decision, although he will put up a good face and pretend it is. Cain’s always been short on funds and organization; this has been a huge flaw in his campaign that’s been overlooked, but which is gonna bite him hard now. Those are the calls that are going on tonight – he’s not like Romney, who has a personal fortune great enough to do whatever he wants. Cain’s campaign depends on a handful of influential donors for its day to day operations.

    And if they’re defecting tonite, then his campaign is over.

  3. Redteam says:

    “Imagine if Clarence Thomas was abandoned like this. ”

    Doesn’t matter to me one way or the other. Thomas apparently had the truth on his side. If Cain does also, then it’ll turn out just fine.

    Cain has just shot himself in the foot too many times. It is not about people deserting him, it’s about not having anything any longer to support. I’m a registered Republican, the alternative is to be a Democrat. I just happen to have more in common with Repubs than Dims. You can’t vote in primaries in my state without being registered for one of the parties, so it’s necessary to register to help select candidates for the general election. But, being Repub has nothing to do with not supporting Cain. Cain is the reason I don’t support him. We have one very inexperienced guy occupying the white house, we sure don’t need another.
    The situation is not getting better. We sure don’t want Obama for another term and right now, it doesn’t seem as if there is anyone else that everyone is excited about. Maybe Trump will run…

  4. WWS says:

    Clarence Thomas never confessed that the accusations against him were true.

    Looks like Herman Cain just did. (referring to the 13 year mistress)

    And again, this is a killer *not* because of the sex – who cares about that? – but because it shows, once again, that Cain never took this race seriously. I’m inclined to believe those who say that he only got into this as a good way to sell books, and that he was as shocked as anyone when his candidacy took off. But he’s treated this race like it was a joke from the start.

    If he had taken this race seriously, he would have dealt with any potential negatives right at the start – like, obviously, the woman he’d been having a 13 year affair with. Anyone with the tiniest shred of intelligence knows that today something like that is going to come out in a campaign! So deal with it ahead of time – letting yourself be surprised and embarrassed proves that you’re not capable of competently dealing with risk assessment, plus it shows a strong streak of fundamental dishonesty. (Yes, a man who keeps a mistress for 13 years, and who then tries to pretend that he didn’t, is fundamentally and personally dishonest)

    *Both* are character failures that should disqualify a man for the presidency. Sure, Obama is as bad or even worse – but I don’t think the worst President we’ve ever had is much of a standard to measure by.

  5. oneal lane says:


    You said it all correctly +1!

    I never got on board the Cain wagon. Something fundamentally did not ring true.

  6. kathie says:

    Please Herman Cain get some smart people to help you. Running for President and being President is a very hard job. You need help to stay on top of things.

  7. dhunter says:

    Politico says conservatives abandon Herman. It is not conservatives, it is the usual weak kneed RINO’s and Establishment hacks, the same crowd that stood silent while the leftist machine defamed Sarah Palin over the Gabby Giffords shooting. The silent Establishment and RINO’s don’t want conservatives tearing their playhouse down anymore than the Rats do, so they encourage the smearing of Herman pronouncing him unelectable due to the Axelrod, Obama smear machine and its fabrication and publication of scandal.
    The Obama Axelrod machine believes the base is racist so messing with white women will doom Herman. I am one white man who will stand by Herman for as long as He fights, the insider leads in the polls now, the ultimate, consummate insider who made a fortune off of Fannie and Freddie himself.

  8. Redteam says:

    So Cain was asked today if he would still be in the race one week from today. His answer was that he would answer the question within one week. Sounds like a surrender if he is still undecided at this point.
    We can all blame who ever we want to with this hullabaloo, but it’s the Lame stream media that is afraid of Cain and are the lead smear mongerers. Most Repubs can live with whoever the candidate is, it’s obama and his cohorts that are afraid of Cain (or any other legitimate candidate)
    For those that say Cain’s personal life is his and it’s no one else’s business, I say that everyone needs to know about the integrity and character of anyone wanting to be the president. wouldn’t it have been a little nicer to have known about obama’s character flaws before he got elected? It’s too late for this term, but we can keep him from another term. But whoever replaces him has to be above reproach. I’m not saying Cain is not, but I am saying we don’t know and that’s an intolerable situation.

  9. kathie says:

    Found this at Freerepublic……

    Report: Ginger White in lesbian affair while allegedly seeing Herman Cain
    November 30, 2011 8:30:04 PM MST · by justsaynomore
    the Examiner ^ | 11/30/11 | Jon Newby
    …According to Reddy, Ginger White, the woman who alleged having a 13-year-long extramarital affair with Herman Cain, was involved in a lesbian relationship with Kimberly Vay, her former business partner. “His name has never come up,” Vay said, while telling ABC she was involved in a love affair with White for 13 years – the same length of time White said she was involved with Cain.

  10. WWS says:

    That story about the lesbian affair doesn’t help Cain at all – in fact it makes him look even worse for letting himself get so compromised by someone who’s freaky-deaky. (and just for the record, I believe she’s black)

    Read his lawyer’s statement again – if you have trouble cutting through the legalese, his lawyer did the basic “yeah, it’s all true, and we don’t want to talk about it.”

    If the claims are true, then dishing dirt on Ginger doesn’t help Cain one bit. It just makes him look like even more of an idiot than he does already.

    I have a niece who went through an ugly divorce after she caught her ex spending time and money at SugarDaddies-dot-com. (no, I won’t type a valid link) When a man is cheating on his wife and spending money on another, and he gets caught by her, he ALWAYS says “oh no baby, she’s jes’ a friend who was down on her luck, and she needed some money, and I was jes’ helpin’ her out. That’s all it was, I swear, honey!!! Yeah, I know all those cashed checks and credit card statements look bad, but it ain’t what you think, honest!!!”

    Yep – that’s the same stupid shit that Herman Cain is trying to pull on us right now. Sorry, I’ve heard those lines way too many times before.

  11. Fai Mao says:

    His reply should have simply been:

    “So what? Who cares? It didn’t bother you when Bill Clinton was credibly accused of Forcible Rape why should a consensual affair, even if true be news?”

    Throw it back at the demonrats

  12. Redteam says:

    Sooo…. Fai… Honesty and integrity and morality in a presidential candidate isn’t important?
    Your defense is: Everybody does it, so don’t even ask?

    Well, everybody doesn’t do it. There are some honest, moral people around, though it seems not many of them in the political field.

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  14. […] friend many of us like to follow, AJStrata at The Strata-Sphere has made a plea to Herman, ” don’t let the bastards win like […]

  15. gkm1959 says:

    It was laudable to see you give your unwavering support to the political novice. He was in way, way over his head and would have been a disaster on the ticket.

    In the spirit of the season, I give you this.

  16. WWS says:

    Carl Cameron shouldn’t have made a prediction that would make him look foolish so quickly. (campaigns always keep spending right up to the last minute)

    Well, Herman’s out. He did a lot of good, and I do still admire him – but he just wasn’t ready for prime time, and apparently was completely blindsided by how hot the fire was going to be once he got in it. He should have known better.

    In his speech today, he mentioned several times “faults and unproven allegations” – it doesn’t take much to realize that the “unproven allegations” are the harassment claims, and most people agree with him – those were very weak. But the “Fault” he mentions is clearly the 13 year affair – which means he pretty much confessed that the playing around with Ginger was all true. If he would have told everyone about this at the beginning, things could have played out much differently.

    and seriously – does anyone really think he would have dropped out if he could have knocked down Ginger’s story? Undoubtedly she had letters and maybe even video that would have come out if he had tried.

    Now for a man dealing with his personal life, fine, and I wish him well. But the events of this campaign have marked him as a man whose judgment under fire is quite poor, and that flaw is what rightly knocked him out of the race.

    So now the race comes down to Newt or Romney. Who’da thunk it?