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Oct 31 2010

It’s A GOP Tsunami, And It is Enormous!

Last week I predicted around a 75 house seat pick up for the GOP, along with a 9-11 senate seat win (you can’t win 75 seats in the house and not tip the Senate). I may have underestimated what is coming on November 2nd. Gallup is out with it’s generic voter results for the final […]

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Oct 31 2010

Democrats Dig Their Hole Deeper On The Sunday Shows

When the country is fed up with two-faced politicians spouting fantasy BS, why would you go out on the last Sunday before the election and spout fantasy political BS? If you listened to Democrats this morning they claim America loves them, supports their policies, blames the GOP for the mortgage collapse (we all know it […]

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Oct 31 2010

As Predicted, 2010 Will Make 1994 Look Quaint In Comparison

The context of this election is set. For the third time in 4 decades a Democrat President has pushed a liberal agenda via a liberal-led Congress and been smacked down by the voters. Carter, Clinton and now Obama have all followed a similar trajectory. For those on the left not getting the message – wait […]

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