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Oct 25 2010

Gallup Generic Shows Slight Tightening – Enthusiasm Chasm Still There

Major Updates Below! Here is a quick post on the Gallup Generic Ballot numbers just out (click to enlarge). The latest numbers show a slight tightening in the “likely” voter models, but nothing that could save the Democrats at this juncture. Assuming there is still a 2-3% underestimation in the Gallup numbers verses the final […]

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Oct 25 2010

Mythical Democrat Surge Disappears Under The 2010 Tsunami

While I await the latest Gallup generic ballot bombshell, I have some data to show in PA which looks to squelch the idea of any Democrat surge or tightening of races. It comes from two sources: the Morning Call daily tracking poll and the Early Voting tallies presented by Politico this morning. Everyone may recal […]

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