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Aug 29 2010

Liberals Are Off Track Again

Update: My favorite Palin line was this: “I must assume that you too know that we must not fundamentally transform America as some would want. We must restore America and restore her honor!” That will be the rallying cry for this fall. How any moron on the left could criticize Palin as she recounted the […]

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Aug 27 2010

Democrats Stalled Our Economic Engine

As the Obama-Reid-Pelosi economic policies hit their stride the horrid results are coming in: The U.S. economy grew more sluggish than initially estimated in the second quarter, and corporate profits nearly dried up, further evidence that the recovery is losing steam. Gross domestic product, the value of all goods and services produced, rose at an […]

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Aug 27 2010

A Progressive Liberal Meltdown

Update: I must have been channeling Charles Krauthammer this morning: Now we know why the country has become “ungovernable,” last year’s excuse for the Democrats’ failure of governance: Who can possibly govern a nation of racist, nativist, homophobic Islamophobes? Note what connects these issues. In every one, liberals have lost the argument in the court […]

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Aug 26 2010

Just The Tip Of The November Tsunami

Update: ABC News even notes the fact this year’s polls are not proving to be accurate. Which means the only thing one can trust is the trend – which has been heading towards rout of Dems come November – end update What if this year’s political tsunami was also like an iceberg, where just the […]

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Aug 25 2010

Primary Night Reflections

Updates Below! I was not surprised to see most of the results coming in last night. I was surprised at how poor the CNN coverage was. In an election year when hyper-partisanship on both sides is disdained universally, CNN decided to have on Anderson Cooper 360 Erik Erickson and John Avoros – two fairly conceited […]

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Aug 24 2010

Islam: The Religion Of Phobias

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Christopher Hitchens has produced his usual clarity on a new perspective that is arising from the debate over the Ground Zero Mosque. Hitchens does try to chide those who cannot put their opposition to the mosque in clear words – using the straw man example of someone likeneing the mosque to a japanese cultural center […]

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Aug 24 2010

Drive By … Of Stupid 08_23_10

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This election is very important, but you wouldn’t know it by some of the lame comments and ads out. While the Political Class may swoon over this Democrat ad in Colorado’s Governor race, I find it insulting to the voters’ intelligence: A guy who takes showers with his clothes on is not being serious, or […]

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Aug 22 2010

Hard Truth: Stimulus Bill Did NOT Lessen Unemployment

Bombshell Update Below! Powerline has a post out today discussing evidence the stimulus bill did not lessen unemployment, as the Obama administration and Democrat Congressional Leaders claim: Those who tout the bill point to a study by liberal economists Alan Blinder and Mark Zandi purporting to show that the fiscal stimulus enacted under Presidents Bush […]

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Aug 21 2010

The US Senate Is In Play – Thanks To WA

The anti-government wave is huge this year – and it is aimed right at the Big Government Party (Democrats). The people who brought you Government Motors (GM), historically massive debt and deficits, painfully high unemployment and socialist medicine are in the cross hairs of America. Charlie Cook has confirmed the House will, barring some major […]

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Aug 20 2010

Dumb Liberal Tricks

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If you happen to be open minded and not intimidated by Sarah Palin then this latest attempt at humor by the left will leave you shaking your head – in sad amusement at the pathetic nature of the left. I mean really folks, just because you disagree with this mother of 5 does not mean […]

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