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Jun 19 2010

Half Assed Administration

Remember the stimulus bill that was supposed to save the economy? Remember how it failed miserably (since around 90% of its ‘shovel ready’ money was not even spent by January 2010). We have yet to see how bad the health care system has been screwed up by liberal fantasies, but we now know very few if […]

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Jun 17 2010

The Lie Of Obamacare – You Can’t Keep Your Current Insurance

When candidate Obama discussed health care he generally gave the impression he could cover the uninsured, lower costs for everyone and enhance the quality of health care without disturbing anyone’s current health care plans. He Lied. The proof he lied is now coming out as the real impacts of Obamacare begin to be put in […]

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Jun 15 2010

Narcissist In Chief

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UPDATES BELOW! Major Update: Good God, I was easy on Obama versus Olberman, Mathews & Fineman on MSNBC These are the sycophant Obamabots for goodness sakes! More here at Hotair – end update The president’s speech was a pathetic dud.  The take away line – contrary to the pundits – was his admission that “we […]

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Jun 15 2010

Writing On The Wall For Dems This Fall

Democrats, you folks screwed up. You went too far left, you focused on the wrong issues (you may recall people need good jobs or everything else goes to crap). You forced an unwanted and costly take over of health care. And you will pay at the polls this year, so says liberal NPR and Democrat pollster […]

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Jun 14 2010

Congressman Assaults Student In DC

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If the roles were reversed, and a citizen grabbed and slapped a US Congressman, you know charges would be pending: Someone says “Hi Congressman” and the response is physical assault? Bob Etheridge is the epitome of our elitist, arrogant, abusive federal government. The man should be fired – and hopefully the good people of his […]

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Jun 13 2010

Too Funny, Too True

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This just cracked me up, the final excuse:

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Jun 13 2010

USA Ties By Putting “English” On The Ball

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I decided the heat was just too unbearable around DC yesterday and went up to the local watering hole to watch the World Cup match between England and USA. It was one of the best games I have seen. Maybe just because of the fact everyone at every bar in Reston Town Center was watching […]

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Jun 12 2010

Obama Is Flailing, Lying And Forging Over Gulf Spill

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After who knows how many holes of golf since the Gulf oil spill erupted, President Obama is going to meet with the wrong leader of BP on Tuesday. He’s meeting the Chairman of the Board who has not been working the oil spill, instead of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tony Hayward who is leading […]

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Jun 10 2010

The Verdict Is In – President Obama Is A Failure

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Updates Below! Three amazing articles are out that portend a lot of trouble for President Obama and the Democrat Party this year. It seems left, right and across the Atlantic Ocean people are concluding President Obama is just not up to the job. Let’s begin with the left, and this long, informative and damning piece […]

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Jun 09 2010

Summer 2010 Care Package Campaign

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On behalf of numerous men and women defending our freedom overseas, thank YOU for making The Care Package Project possible! Summer 2010 is here and the current price for shipping large flat rate boxes to APO/FPO addresses is $11.95. The cost for shipping 1100 packages in August will total over $13,000. Each summer, The Care […]

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