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Jun 15 2010

Narcissist In Chief

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UPDATES BELOW! Major Update: Good God, I was easy on Obama versus Olberman, Mathews & Fineman on MSNBC These are the sycophant Obamabots for goodness sakes! More here at Hotair – end update The president’s speech was a pathetic dud.  The take away line – contrary to the pundits – was his admission that “we […]

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Jun 15 2010

Writing On The Wall For Dems This Fall

Democrats, you folks screwed up. You went too far left, you focused on the wrong issues (you may recall people need good jobs or everything else goes to crap). You forced an unwanted and costly take over of health care. And you will pay at the polls this year, so says liberal NPR and Democrat pollster […]

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