Jun 15 2010

Narcissist In Chief

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Major Update: Good God, I was easy on Obama versus Olberman, Mathews & Fineman on MSNBC

These are the sycophant Obamabots for goodness sakes!

More here at Hotair – end update

The president’s speech was a pathetic dud.  The take away line – contrary to the pundits – was his admission that “we don’t know how to get there”. Brit Hume said it well last night, cleaning up the Gulf is too small for this egomaniac. This president wants to wean the world off oil!!!

Talk about your Walter Mitty moment. The idea we should tax energy AND cut off 30% of our oil supply with a 6 month embargo of off shore drilling (which will grow into a many year drought as oil rigs move to other nations) is stupendously reckless. Want a double dip recession? We just got one.

I tried to think of an analogy with Bush and 9-11. What would have happened if Bush came out after 9-11 and focused half his bull-horn speech to deficit cutting? There is no connection between carbon taxes and unsafe drilling and dealing with this mess.

And why does Obama need a commission to determine how his administration gave BP a reckless waiver to basic drilling safeguards, which in turn led to this disaster getting out of control? We don’t need ‘new’ regulations, we need people to follow safe practices. Why do the Dutch demand secondary relief holes for all new wells and BP was allowed, by this administration, to skip that basic step?

Get real – we know the cause! We had a huge Obama-fundraiser get waivers on safety by the Obama administration. This ain’t complicated.

And what was that crap about a speedy response? All his claims about booms and ships were completely misleading. Does Obama really think no one knows his administration held up Dutch assistance, left booms sit in a Maine warehouse and delayed permits for LA to build sand berms? Does he think we are as ignorant has his team is?

Who is this clown kidding?

When Obama said he would not allow inaction –  after 4 fundraisers, 2 vacations and 7 rounds of golf before he focused on THE Gulf in the last 2 months – the guy sounded mad as a hatter. Maybe Alvin Green would do better?

This was not a ‘save the Gulf’ speech, it was ‘save Obama’s agenda’ speech.

He did not connect, he repulsed and let down. In fact, I felt like I was watching someone totally losing it. Instead of admitting to his administration’s and BP’s mistakes and focusing on the issue at hand, the guy went cosmic and rambled on about an oil free world.

Dude – you need a physics lesson. Let me explain some hard facts of reality. You cannot transport massive amounts of sea cargo using sails (if we could, we would!). You cannot fly jetliners on wind power. You cannot move freight trains on solar panels. Get an eff’ing clue!

Our dreamy President is acting like life is a Disney-Pixar movie or a Star Trek episode.

Sorry, but for anyone with a modicum of science, engineering or math background they know what he said was incoherent and naive. And do we need to remind him he CANCELLED our trips to the moon, he did not enable them or make them happen.

As one nation, we will rise up and get people in office who know something about reality.

Be afraid folks, … be real afraid. Obama is the original, albeit more loquacious, Alvin Greene candidate. Someone voters randomly turned to without realizing the need for experience, knowledge and wisdom in our leaders.

Update: Not surprisingly the left whines Obama did not go far enough on crippling this nation’s energy production, and therefore its economy. Dreamy morons. This is why people need basic science in school.

Update: Goodness, even Maureen Dowd is now slamming ‘The One”.

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  1. Terrye says:

    The man is a freaking disaster. He lives in a fantasy world. He really does. If he passes some cap and trade nonsense now, he will kill this economy. And for what? China and India are going forward with their use of carbon based energy..so there will not be any decline in green house gas emissions anyway. The whole thing is nuts, he is making a bad situation worse.

  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    BP has already conceded that there is likely damage down hole which is why the top kill attempt failed.

    The relief wells have to go to the bottom and then attempt to plug the existing well from the bottom up.

  3. dbostan says:

    It is almost a certainty that the well is damaged.
    That leads me to think that the nuke option may be the only one working.
    The reason is that it will fuse the rock, thus seal the well.
    But the depth to place the nuke, under the sea floor, must be such that enough rock is above the nuke, not silt.

    Regarding obama, this is the beginning of the end for him.
    His presidency is collapsing before our eyes.
    There could not be a more befitting destiny for a guy and a party (but not for our country) who eviscerated Bush for Katrina.
    I think we should ask every day: “Why does obama hate the Gulf states?” the same way they asked why Bush hated black people…
    This disaster will go on for along time, due to the incompetence of the team.
    It will clearly bring the Carter memories back….

  4. crosspatch says:

    “The reason is that it will fuse the rock, thus seal the well.”

    As well as contaminating the entire oil field with radioactive material and denying the use of the entire oil field.

  5. lurker9876 says:

    dbostan, I’m thinking that the reason Obama does not like the Gulf states is because many engineers in the oil industry do not belong to unions…other than the fact that many of these Gulf states are “Red” instead of “Blue.