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Dec 28 2009

Obama Just Destroyed Any Hope Of A Second Term

VP candidate Joe Biden once predicted President Obama would be tested on national security and would fail. Today is the day VP Biden predicted would come. Today President Obama came out to publicly address the nearly successful Christmas Day Massacre aboard a Northwest Airline flight into Detroit Michigan. It has only been one day since President […]

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Dec 28 2009

Back To The Naive 9/10/01 Mentality – America At Risk From Left Wing Denial

I think the American people have had a serious wake up call with the specter of a Christmas Day Massacre in the skies over Detroit. I, like countless other Americans, was flying with my entire family around this holiday season, and the idea that we could have all perished as a result of the incompetence […]

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Dec 28 2009

George W Bush Knew Our Enemies, Knew How To Go After Them

On the heels of the lamest public CYA statement in a century, where our incompetent Secretary of Homeland Security ran onto the Sunday political talk shows claiming the ‘system worked‘ after a known terrorist sympathizer just barely failed to kill over 200 people on a commercial airliner on Christmas Day, we are reminded of how […]

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