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Dec 06 2009

Pre “Adjusted” CRU Data & IPCC AGW Models Prove AGW Theory Is WRONG!

[Note: all graphics can be clicked to enlarge] Whoever dumped the CRU data was very knowledgeable of the data at CRU and took a great deal of time to select only files with important nuggets of insight. It took significant time to collate this treasure trove of truth. One of the most interesting CRU files […]

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Dec 06 2009

Obama On Verge Of Poll Tipping Point, Dems In Trouble

President Obama is on the verge of a critical tipping point in the polls. On Oct 21st I made the following prediction regarding Obama’s numbers in the Rasmussen poll: If Obama’s “Strongly Approve” drops to 25% and his “Strongly Disapprove” goes to 45%, and Congress stays in the pathetic 20% approval rating zone, there will […]

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Dec 06 2009

The Climategate Bible

Mark Sheppard at American Thinker produces the perfect historic guide to Climategate. Everyone needs to save this link. I would like to have seen more on the raw temp data verses the cooked alarmist data when it comes to the 1940’s blip being hidden, but this is excellent work.

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Dec 06 2009

BBC Confirms AJStrata’s Take Shoddy CRU Code

Those of us whose profession’s include development of quality, safe code could tell right off that the CRU code leaked to the public was itself a hack job of incompetence. I mentioned the difference between sound code and ‘PhD level’ code here and here. The best insight into the mess is the HARRY_READ_ME file, which […]

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