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Aug 18 2009

Idiots Trying To Play Scientist

Why we allow journalism majors to communicate science to the general public is beyond me. They don’t even know when some fool with a PhD or two is making completely dumb claims – which tends to be the case with the global warming mythology. In this case I think the scientists might have been trying […]

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Aug 18 2009

Clueless Liberals Think GOP Is Getting Hurt On Health Care

I have been seeing all sorts of silly posts on how, if the GOP doesn’t support health care of some form, they will pay a heavy political price. The fact is the electorate is so shocked by the liberal experiment of government run healthcare most people don’t want government to do a damn thing anymore! […]

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Aug 18 2009

A Real Life Victim Of An NHS Death Panel

This heart rending story of a denied test on a young woman not only underscores how the ‘death panels’ operate, it thrusts the human tragedy of government run health care deep into one’s soul: Mrs Brickell, first asked for a smear test at the age of 19 but was told she didn’t need one until […]

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Aug 18 2009

UK NHS Covered Up Botched Health Care Incidents

One of the strange by-products of the UK National Health Service (the UK’s version of a ‘public option’. a.k.a. government run health care, single payer, Obamacare, etc.) is the complete lack of transparency and accountability regarding malpractice. Government entities usually have the nasty ability to cover up their mistakes and hide them from the public […]

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Aug 18 2009

Did Government Run Healthcare In The UK Needlessly Kill 17,000 People?

I know some people are mocking the term “death panel” as it applies to government run health care, but sadly the term is a good summation of what happens when faceless bureaucrats dole out treatments based on cost and not need. What is just ridiculously ironic is how the UK and Canadian models of government […]

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Aug 18 2009

The Senior Uprising

Updates Below! The Liberal Democrats in DC and liberal organizations that have been pushing their far left proposals on government run health care are facing an uprising the likes of which I have never seen before. It is an uprising of the seniors, the soon to be seniors, and their families, and it is spreading […]

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Aug 18 2009

America Understands: The Liberal Stimulus Bill Is A Failure

Update Below! It is clear now that our young President probably blew his whole first term when he handed over to the liberals in Congress the design of an economic stimulus package. These people are so wrapped up in fantasy they actually thought government spending, as sluggish as it always has been, could ‘stimulate’ job […]

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