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Aug 03 2009

Liberal Math A Joke

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In the rest of the world 2+2=4. Only in the fevered swamps of DC does 2+2=0. Case in point: Some of President Barack Obama’s health care numbers don’t seem to add up. … Obama claims his health effort will not dig the nation deeper into debt and over time will help reduce deficits. He has […]

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Aug 03 2009

Obamacare Will Destroy Private Health Care – Over Time

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Well, it seems President Obama was, at one time in a weak moment, quite honest about his plan to destroy the private health care industry – over time.   The only way to ensure the liberal democrats don’t come and take your health insurance – over 10, 15 or 20 years – and dump you […]

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Aug 03 2009

Hope & Change Obama Style

So, now that the liberal democrats in DC have totally bungled the stimulus effort (it will be showing up next year, as they now claim they planned it always would) what do we see on the horizon for more of the liberal Hope and Change? Apparently we get to look forward to increasing taxes and […]

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Aug 03 2009

Keep Us Safe From The Fevered Swamps Of The Political Fringes!

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I am reading some top stories at Memoerandum and thinking the Political Industrial Complex has gone nuts. Are we (the media and blogosphere) discussing the economy or any other major issue important to main stream America? No, we have the two lunatic fringes firing off insane charges at each other!  First, we have some part […]

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