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Feb 22 2008

Obama’s Uparmored Humvee Myth, Tapper Excuse Doesn’t Fit Timeline

Jake Tapper has attempted to do some junior detective work on Obama’s idiotic claims during last night’s debate about a rifle platoon being split up between Iraq and Afghanistan in the Summer of 2003 – when we had two very hot wars on our hands. The problem is Tapper is, like many liberals, fairly naive […]

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Feb 22 2008

Obama Is An Obidiot

You know, I am rethinking my position that Hillary would be the easier of the two candidates for McCain to whoop in November. Obama demonstrated last night (H/T to Gateway Pundit) that he is just not ready for the job of Commander-In-Chief. Here he is obsessing in last night’s debate about a rifle platoon that […]

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Feb 22 2008

Huckabee’s Delusions

Mike Huckabee has gone from interesting candidate for future GOP Presidential options to someone who simply can’t let go of the microphone and step back for a bit. His current concept is to create the same train-wreck the Democrats are heading towards at their convention: From WOAI Radio comes an article claiming Mike Huckabee is […]

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Feb 22 2008

Finally Everyone Admits US And Pakistan OK’d Strikes

I had posted many times on how Musharraf, and before her death Bhutto as well, had basically given their public support to US strikes against high value targets hiding in Pakistan as long as they were coordinated and limited to the big fish. The NY Times, more than likely in a move to disrupt our […]

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Feb 22 2008

Progress In Iraq As Dems Struggle To Find Defeat

As I noted in an earlier post this morning the Democrats dream of their oft-predicted American defeat in Iraq has been destroyed with the news that radical Shiite cleric Al-Sadr is extending his militia’s cease fire another 6 months. I would guess the 200,000 strong Iraqi security forces with US backing had a little to […]

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Feb 22 2008

Heros Tour & Vets On The Hill

Family Security Matters is promoting a heros tour for veterans as a reminder of what we have achieved in Iraq and who did the achieving (an no Barack it was not those calling for surrender): From The Alamo in Texas to the WWI Memorial in Kansas City, and from the Statehouse in South Carolina to […]

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Feb 22 2008

Surrendercrats Dreams Crushed In Iraq As Sadr Holds His Fire

You have to see the emails I get from the truly sick on the left to understand how disappointed liberals are today that Moqtoda Al-Sadr has decided to ‘give peace a chance’ – as John Lennon would put it. There may not be increasing bloodshed and carnage in Iraq, therefore Americans won’t be turning negative […]

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