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Feb 14 2008

Will Obama & The Surrendercrats Leave Iraq To Be A Launching Pad To Attack Israel?

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The Democrats have a real problem regarding their policy to retreat from Iraq post-haste. And that problem is that the only other group who would see this approach as a benefit is al-Qaeda themselves. Thankfully the two camps (Surrendercrats and Islamo Fascists) are not really on the same side (though it is hard to tell […]

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Feb 14 2008

Iraq Progress Update

I noted yesterday that Iraq had made huge legislative progress on their road to a stable victory over al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein. But I missed one interesting point that came out in a new story today – October elections. This was found in a grudging editorial from the NY Times on the successes in Iraq: […]

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Feb 14 2008

Can The Dems Lose Voters? On National Security They Do

Nothing has been predicted in 2008, and nothing can be predicted – except the year will go down as the one which was completely unpredictable. The reason? The war on terror. When making their prognostications pollsters and political talking heads are used to a level of broad and slow momentum in the culture that includes […]

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