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Apr 13 2007

Last Of The Polonium-210 Hot Spots In London

The key to discovering what happened last October when apparently three shipments of Po-210 – a highly dangerous alpha-emitter of radiation – is to look at the physical trail and how much contamination was at each location. Some areas were barely touched like The Arsenal Stadium at which Lugovoi and Kovtun watched the matche between […]

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Apr 13 2007

Prayers For Governor Corzine

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The list of injuries NJ Governor Corzine sustained in his near-dreath car accident is stunning. It is amazing he is still alive. While I would not like to see the Governor in office, I am not a liberal hate monger the likes who lurk at Democrat Underground or DailyKos. Our prayers go out to the […]

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Apr 13 2007

Berezovsky Cracks, Announces Violent Revolution In Russia

Something serious is going on in the Litvinenko case because Boris Berezovsky, patron of Litvinenko, former employer of Andre Lugovoi and within whose office the Po-210 trail runs has finally announced his plans to topple Putin through violent revolution: Russia expects exiled tycoon Boris Berezovsky to be extradited from Britain where he has refugee status […]

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Apr 13 2007

Alleged US Traitor For al-Qaeda In Ohio

Maybe the liberals who are so concerned for al Qaeda at GITMO and al Qaeda in Iraq and murderers on death row will come out in support of an alleged US traitor who apparently has worked with al Qaeda to kill people in Europe and overseas – mainly Americans. A federal grand jury indicted a […]

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