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Apr 03 2007

The Gathering Iranian Nuclear Holocaust

The wake up call on Iran’s nuclear weapons capability is at hand: ran has more than tripled its ability to produce enriched uranium in the last three months, potentially enabling the Islamic regime to develop a nuclear bomb by 2009, much sooner than previousely though, a media report said yesterday. Tehran has added 1,000 centrifuges […]

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Apr 03 2007

This Is Why We Fight

Jawa Report has this disturbing news on how al Qaeda killed an 11 year old boy to send a message to Iraqis. This is why we are fighting in Iraq. This is why we must win in Iraq and not allow Iraq a wealthy base of operations to spread their virulent hate to our shores. […]

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Apr 03 2007

Berezovsky Establishes PR Fund

Berezovsky, after admitting he did not cooperate with Russian investigators, is now claiming politics is obstructing the investigation into how Alexander Litvinenko was contaminated and died from exposure to Polonium 210, a deadly radioactive material smuggled into London last fall and used in nucear weapons triggers (as well as useful in a dirty bomb, as […]

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Apr 03 2007

CNN: Democrats “Delusional”

CNN’s Larry King Live had Lou Dobbs on as guest host discussing the impasse on the Iraq war funding and there was a startling admission by Michael Weyer, their correspondent in Baghdad. Dobbs was trying to spin the Democrat party line that the lame timeline language in the Bill Bush will veto was meant to […]

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Apr 03 2007

Berezovsky & Zakayev Not So Cooperative

Seems Berezovsky and Zakayev where not as cooperative as they said they needed to be in order to assist Scotland Yard in the Litvinenko. Seems they decided to not answer half the questions put to them: nvestigator Alexander Otvodov of the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office questioned political emigrant Boris Berezovsky in London on Friday for […]

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Apr 03 2007

Dems Need To Pass Troop Funds

The Democrats are beginning to insult the intelligence of the American people with more wasted Bills restating their well-known desire to retreat in failure from Iraq. Senate Majority leader Ried is sponsoring another Bill going nowhere with Russ Fiengold to defund military actions. I guess that was his price to pay for fully funding the […]

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