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Aug 30 2006

Fitzgerald’s Lies To US Appeals Court

Well, after assessing Fitzgerald’s falsehoods, misleading statements and half truths at his press conference and his submission to the US SC, you would guess I would want to see how badly Fitzgerald was shading the truth to the US Court of Appeals. Here is his court submission and we will beging the fisking. The very […]

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Aug 30 2006

Fitzgerald’s Lost Credibility

I have a long post here on Fitzgerald’s duplicitous press conference where he implied Libby was responsible for the Plame leak, and a long post here on what could be his biased and incomplete presentation to the US Supreme Court to jail Judith Miller. Throughout I see a man hiding the truth from a process […]

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Aug 30 2006

Are Dems Anti-Religion?

RCP has this wonderfully funny column at Slate where the left is confounded on how it could be losing support of those who have some form of religious conviction. The author gives a bit of a hint: When Democratic Party leaders “found God in the 2004 exit polls,” as Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne Jr. […]

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