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Aug 18 2006

Polls Verses Ballots

I am still chuckling over all the fantasies being generated by the left regarding the latest Qinnipiac Poll showing Lieberman clobbering Lamont 53 to 41 among likely voters (previous post here). They have truly come with some amazing ideas on how Lamont is actually winning! The most hillarious claims are the huge gains in Democrat […]

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Aug 18 2006

Liberal Rantings Divert International Flight

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From news reports it seems the woman at the center of all the commotion that diverted the UK light to Logan Airport was some ranting liberal who was able to sneak onto the airplane some interesting items (screw driver, lotions). She is a self proclaimed anti-Bush type who sounds like many of the lefty posters […]

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Aug 18 2006

National Security Verses Impeaching Bush

I was reading this interesting post at RCP and realized it was confirming something I felt for some time. The table is being set for the fall elections and I think it will be a very needed debate. Our nation is at war inside and out. Al Qaeda and their Islamo Fascist comrades are attempting […]

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