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Aug 10 2006

A “No Surrender” Parade Across America’s Skies

I had one of those truly amazing days. I had the honor to travel with millions of fellow Americans today, a day after the 24 terrorists were arrested in the UK and a day that was supposed to be filled with mayhem at airports across the nation. Well, I am here to tell the story […]

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Aug 10 2006

US Intelligence Part Of Breaking Up Plot

Rep Pete Hoekstra (R) released a statement I just heard on Fox News that applauded US intelligence in stopping this plot. What has me wondering is how the US was involved in exposing 21 individuals in thye UK. Well, one way are the two terrorism surveillance programs exposed by the liberal fringe at the NY […]

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Aug 10 2006

What A Day To Fly!

Woke up in CA this morning with the hopes of getting home today only to find the entire air transportation system on Red Alert. The news out of the UK is stunning to say the least, but I find it comforting that the system is now on high alert and any remnant members of the […]

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