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Aug 29 2006

What He Said

Jack Kelley summarizes the Armitage damage and media culpability quite nicely. Armitage and Powell have a lot to answer for. There is no excuse for hiding the truth when other people are being falsely accused. None. Colin Powell, who I once held in the highest esteem, has diminished completely in the light of this revelation. […]

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Aug 29 2006

Want To Beat Liberals? Let Them Talk

Drudge has an interesting item up today highllighting a microcosm of this fall’s elections pitting the anti-war, impeach Bush crowd from the rest of the nation who see national defense as a lot more serious than political slogans. It seems the Kool-Aid drinking Mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah is going to stand by Cindy […]

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Aug 29 2006

Another Positive Sign For Bush

Oil prices have been very high and a source of daily frustration. Having just done a bit of driving last weekened I can personally attest to the feeling you get when you see gas dip below $3.00 a gallon. This election season may see the dems die a death of a thousand cuts as the […]

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