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Jun 09 2006

Zarqawi Dominos Starting To Fall

Tipping points are events which create a cascade of events which can totally change the dynamics of a situation dramatically. Zarqawi’s destruction was a tipping point. Not politically (at least not yet), but tactically. The reason being he had with him information key to rolling up his organization and dealing a death blow to Al […]

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Jun 09 2006

Haditha: The Media As Benedict Arnold

Our good friend Clarice Feldman has compiled a listing of key events discovered by the blog Sweetness & Light from the Haditha charade that exposes the US news media as an out and out ally of the terrorist propaganda efforts. The news coming from Haditha is not one of massacre by US forces, it is […]

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Jun 09 2006

The Frigid Left

I am beginning to see a cold, uncaring deep freeze ascending over the political left in this country and in the West – and it is very disturbing. There were numerous examples of the left’s total insensitivity to the human condition on display yesterday as many panned the news that a seriously brutal thug and […]

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