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Feb 15 2006

Able Danger Hearings Part I

Folks, I know a lot of you are awaiting my comments on the Able Danger hearings today – which unfortunately got cut short. I worked late and do not have time to get through the audio files at QT Monsters. A quick scan at the liveblogging at QT Monster and Able Danger Blog indicates there […]

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Feb 15 2006

Congressional Probe Of NSA Program Fizzles

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Captain Ed Morrissey has the scoop on how Congress is rethinking the need for a probe of the NSA scandal. Another reason for the ebbing of outrage by Congress, although unspoken and unreported by Babington, has to be the reaction of the American people. Having been informed that the administration authorized warrantless surveillance on international […]

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Feb 15 2006

60% Favor NSA Program

The Democrats are being pushed over a cliff by their “impeach Bush at all costs” liberal base which makes up 2/3rds of their base, but only 20% of the population (and even less of the likely voters). Second, Democrats have become so irrationally angry about Bush that they reflexively oppose anything the president is for. […]

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Feb 15 2006

Able Danger Update 02/14/06

The transcript of the Congressman Weldon’s mid day press conference can be found here at the Able Danger blog. I have posted earlier on the big news of the press conference – Able Danger data still exists and is probably the data sets sent to SOCOM as the lead organization for Able Danger. Before we […]

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