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Feb 04 2006

Rocky’s Road To Perdition

Seems all the liberal scandals are unravelling on them. Senator Rockefeller is well know for two things: a memo in 2003 outlining a partisan smear attack on the Bush administration using claims of illegality, and mention in the NY Times story on the NSA program exposed to the terrorists. Seems our highly trained intelligence community […]

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Feb 04 2006

Plame Stupid, Russert Is The Key

I hate to say this, but the Plame Game is looking fairly boring as it becomes evident Fitzgerald is one lame prosecutor grasping at straws. Tom Maguire still tops the discussion on this case, so I will humbly link to one of his posts for some tidbits. Tom and I have both beaten the Russert […]

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Feb 04 2006

Tolerance Of Cartoons, Tolerance Of Violence?

The Cartoon Wars, as this time may unfortunately be called, has broken open a lot of culteral idiosyncracies which, to be honest, I did not appreciate. It seems so ridiculous to be angered to the point of violence by some pencil and crayon it should be straight forward to face the twin facts of free […]

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