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Jan 18 2006

Richard Clarke Is Inspector Clouseau

Richard Clarke, former terrorism czar during the run up to 9-11 that saw us lose Able Danger leads on terrorists Atta, Midhar, Shehhi and Hadmi to some reactionary bureaucratic house cleaning and also lose the leads to Atta in Hamburg, has come out with another of his schizophrenic moments. Clark is always saying how Bush […]

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Jan 18 2006

Al Qaeda Chem Weapons Expert Killed In Air Strike

Turns out we did get at least one high valued prize in that air strike in Pakistan: ABC News has learned that al Qaeda’s master bomb maker and chemical weapons expert was one of the men killed in last week’s U.S. missile attack in eastern Pakistan. Midhat Mursi, 52, also known as Abu Khabab al-Masri, […]

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Jan 18 2006

ACLU Case Is Weak

The case being brought by the ACLU and CCR against the administration is obviously weak. People communicating with suspected terrorists are taking on a risk that they should understand. Here are some initial assessments of the claims: For instance, former New Jersey Judge and constitutional scholar Andy Napolitano says that the lawsuits will probably be […]

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