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Jan 12 2006

Liberals Losing Badly On NSA Issue

The liberals are taking a well deserved shellacking on their calls to Impeach Bush for using the NSA to stop Terrorists in the US. Fox News has the latest Opinion Dynamics Poll showing the country lining up behind Bush, which means against the liberal democrats 25. Do you think the Patriot Act has helped prevent […]

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Jan 12 2006

Biden Sees No Use In Hearings

Well, it took their shameful self destruction to finally realize that these hearings are not allowing the people to understand the candidates for the Federal Bench, but simply allow the Senators to look foolish. Biden has come out calling for an end to these hearings, which were not always required: Supreme Court nominees are so […]

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Jan 12 2006

Watch What You Ask For!

What is nice about Tom Maguire on a role is he saves me lots of typing. I am much more bullish on the results I expect to see from Libby’s trial than Tom – but he does have the right list of topics: (1) It *MAY* be the case that Tim Russert and Andrea Mitchell […]

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Jan 12 2006


The democrats really did a number on themselves yesterday. They presented the perfect example of what WE DON”T want our political leaders to be – arrogant bullies. Too many have said too well today for me to waste time trying to add my two cents. I think Kennedy did more damage in more ways than […]

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