Sep 28 2011

Big-Government’s Failures Bringing Dems And Obama Down

Competent: Having sufficient skill [1], knowledge [2], ability [3] or qualifications [4]

The concept of being competent (versus incompetent) has been lost on career politicians and bureaucrats. To them competence is optional (or maybe even coincidental). All that matters is power – i.e., how many people do your bidding, how much money are you controlling (note I did not say managing well). In the bloated federal bureaucracy power is all consuming, results mean nothing. Therefore a measure of a person is not their competence (as seen in the quality of their results and measure of success). It is simply how much power they get to mess around with.

Just look at the man-made Global Warming nonsense, for example:

He [Lord Turner] was quite good on the uncertainties in the science, going through the a series of scientific steps emphasising that we knew little about this one, this one was very unclear, there were huge uncertainties in this area and so on. He went on to describe how, based on this uncertain science, he and his colleagues had formulated a global plan for reducing greenhouse gases. This struck me as a little foolish, not to say rather hubristic.

And this is from a warming alarmist! It does not matter how shaky or uncertain the actual data is – all that counts is somehow green messiahs get their hands on as much power as possible.

However, while the concept of competence is all but forgotten in DC, the federal bureaucracy, the UN and all other halls of governing gone mad – it is still the standard measuring stick everywhere else. If you take your car to the shop for repairs, and the repairs fail, you don’t go back for more poor service. If you go to a doctor to get healed and instead become sicker, you don’t continue to go back for more poor treatments. If you buy food and it is rotten and foul, you don’t keep shopping at the rot shop.

No, once a product or service is deemed defective all trust is gone and people no longer look to that brand for anything else. Nothing.

And so, after the liberals in DC failed to fix the economy with their stimulus bill, while Obamacare raises the price of health care many times above wage increases, while government programs continue to fail at all levels, America has decided the government is no longer competent.

Proof 1:

Seventy-seven percent [77%] of people questioned say they trust the federal government only some of the time, and an additional eight percent [8%] volunteer that they never trust the government to do what’s right. [Total 85%]

Proof 2:

President Obama faces head winds from independents, an important voting bloc for re-election in 2012. Many of them think well of him personally [74%], but they are disenchanted. They don’t like his policies [64%], and they see him as inexperienced.

Proof 3:

A majority (57%) of Americans believe the federal government today has too much power.

Half of Americans say there is too much government regulation of business and industry, by one percentage point the highest in Gallup’s history of asking this question, dating to 1993.

There is a sea change in politics crystallizing in the electorate. One in opposition to big-government and government based solutions. It is no wonder that Democrats are now playing with the idea of suspending democracy, because they cannot face the fact their approach to society is being rejected by the masses in ever growing numbers. But that is the way of all failures – they are never intentional, and there are always die hard types who slip into deep denial and never accept their failure.

The party of big government is seriously on the wrong side of history, primarily because they failed miserably on so many fronts I cannot think of a single real, measurable success the left has had in overĀ  decade. The numbers of poor have not been lowered, the number on food stamps has increased, the number unemployed has increased, the number of foreclosures and shuttered business is still rising.

They have increased their fundraising levels, and in 2008 held the most seats of power. But that did nothing for America, and Americans know it.

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4 Responses to “Big-Government’s Failures Bringing Dems And Obama Down”

  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    Put up a government office building for an agency and even if it was the size of an entire county they would fill it before you know it.

    It is all about turf and power.

    But then watch for the collateral damage they cause to justify their existence.

    In many cases we would be better off if they just took nap time at their desk or had funny things going on with their gender of choice in the hall closet.

    Have you looked at the stats for the number of regulations and rules this administration has put out. Have you any clue how much the federal register has grown under them.

    If you are gonna go check on those keep the Pepto handy.

  2. Wilbur Post says:

    Results never mattered to these people, results only matter to those who can fail. Results don’t matter to the public schools because they will continue whether the students learn anything or not. Results don’t matter to EPA or the Dept of Energy because their budgets will keep growing no matter how many Solyndras and Chevy Volts they foist on the public. Results don’t matter to many members of congress because they’ll be re-elected after they’re dead. Results only matter to the WalMarts and the Apples of the world, who will eventually be out of business if they cease pleasing the customers they serve. The government can just do any old crap it pleases because they’ll never go out of business – until the day the mess collapses, like what’s happening in Greece now.

    BTW, more good news about “climate change”: “An independent climate science think tank produces evidence from a leading infrared thermometer manufacturer proving that climatologists were mistakenly taking incorrect readings of atmospheric temperatures. Latest findings are set to trigger a paradigm shift in climate science.”

  3. dhunter says:

    I guess we can give OBlahBLah a big thankyou for WON thing, the weasel enter the manure filled barn and flushed out ALL of the dirty Rats and a few RINOs too.

    The Weasel forced the cowardly Rats, who have lied through their teeth for years about who they are to show their true Marxist/Socialist stripes.
    The Rats and a few RINOs totally own the mess we are in now and no matter how hard they spin and lie the American people won’t be fooled again, I hope!

  4. momdear1 says:

    The Congressional Hearings on Chief Justice John Robert’s confirmation showed just how big a mess we have in Washington DC. Robert’s reaction to the stupid, inane, and irrelevant questions asked him by the intelligence challenged members of Congress showed why bills are passed before they are read. It’s doubtful many in Congress could even read them, and very doubtful they would understand what they were reading if they did read them. Our bloated bureacracy is overloaded with affirmative action hires which insures that the less than most qualified are in charge of running things. All this is a result of a Second Reconstruction, designed to redress inequalities purported to be the result of White Racism and Bigotry. This Second Reconstruction is just as big a failure as the first one and has had the same results. Our country is inundated in debt for projects that were never built and nobody knows where the money has gone. Our country is being systymatically looted and those getting the spoils beleive they are entitled to anything they can get away with because the entire country has been convinced that the achievers, and expecially white achievers, got what they have by exploiting others. These Green Energy activists are just opportunists (carpet baggers) who have figured out how to manipulate the system, which is run by mentally challenged incompetents , and get as much as they can before the system collapses.