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Sep 16 2007

An Islamo Fascist Nuclear Weapon

One thing is always a given in this world – we the people are out of the loop on the most pressing concerns to our country and humanity in general. The reason is the methods used to detect and stop major threats need to be protected under secrecy. Therefore we cannot publicize what we know […]

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Sep 16 2007

al-Qaeda’s Last Gasp In Iraq, Recruits Drying Up

al-Qaeda is not fighting the US in Iraq anymore. Their brutality and fascist blood lust have turned the Muslim Arab street against them, so now they battle mainstream Muslims. Those fighting hardest against al-Qaeda right now in Iraq are their one-time allies and supporters who would rather die fighting than let al-Qaeda in their midst […]

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Sep 12 2007

Israel Targets Syrian Nuke Complex, Britain Moves Troops To Iranian Border

Things are popping, as expected when Congress puts on a Circus and all the side show acts want a shot a the media’s coverage of the clowns. It seems Israel detected some nuclear installations being built up in Syria (thanks to North Korea) and took them out: The official added that recent Israeli reconnaissance flights […]

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Aug 20 2007

Where Next After Iraq?

Yes, I am bullish on Iraq turning into a reasonable success. I am confident the turn of the tide with Iraqis aligning against al-Qaeda is going to make the difference. The levels of violence are dropping where al-Qaeda has been pushed out of the region, and the Muslim street is starting to oppose the random […]

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Jul 09 2007

Syrian Stupidity

The best way to make sure a tough Republican President is elected in 2008 is for Syria (and possibly Iran-Hezbollah) to start a war with Israel: Well-informed sources in Washington fear a confrontation between Syria and Israel may happen this summer. The sources say that Syrian intelligence is abuzz with activity reports of an imminent […]

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Jun 09 2007

What Next For al-Qaeda After Iraq?

Let’s just agree al-Qaeda is back on its heels in Iraq as more and more local Sunni tribes not only reject their brutality, but take up arms against them. I have posted on numerous articles covering this phenomenon that has turned the al-Qaeda stronghold of Anbar Province against them, chased them into Diyala Province, wherein […]

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May 03 2007

Why Is Syria Building Up Their Military?

There have been numerous, consistent reports regarding Syria’s military build up and preparations (see here for my previous post). The military preparations by Syria clearly have Israel concerned, and apparently rightfully so: But the ambassador dwelled on what he called a major buildup of Syrian missiles that could reach any part of Israel “and create […]

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Jun 22 2005

Rice Smack Down on Syria

I cannot express how much I admire Condi Rice and thank the stars she is our Secretary of State. Today she came out and blasted Syria: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice accused Syria of contributing to the “atmosphere” that led to the assassination of an anti-Syrian politician in Lebanon yesterday, telling Damascus to “knock it […]

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Jun 20 2005

Lebanon: A Sign of the Bush ME Policies

While the left and many in the MSM wring their hands about the Bush policies on the Global War on Terror, those policies are gaining traction. Actually, the left and MSM seem fixated on marginal minutiae regarding this subject; like flushed Korans, AC levels at GITMO, which music is blasted at GITMO, and of course […]

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Jun 10 2005

Syria in the Cross Hairs

Capt Ed Morrissey has an item today on a NYTimes article which states the US clearly warned Syria to stay out of Lebanon, and that the US is aware of plans to assasinate Lebanon’s leaders. The Times is clear on this subject: The United States has received “credible information” that Syrian operatives in Lebanon plan […]

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