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Nov 20 2007

Massive Migration Of Iraqis Back Home Signal War’s Success End

What does it tell us if hundreds of thousands of Iraqi refugees are returning to Iraq? Update: I guess we can add another metric to the mix of indicators showing a path to victory in Iraq: Civilian casualties are down 60% across Iraq since June, Smith said, and the figure for the capital is even […]

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Nov 16 2007

Saddam’s Nuclear WMD In Syria, Chemical WMD In Iran, Others To Russia

Well if this is all true then there is going to be some serious rewriting of the “conventional wisdom” when it comes to Saddam’s WMDs: Saddam Hussein’s secret documents are measured by the shelf-mile and stored inside a secure but dusty facility near U.S. Central Command Headquarters in Doha, Qatar, and in several subsidiary sites. […]

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Nov 06 2007

Updates On Syria’s Destroyed Nuclear Facility

Jackson Diehl at the WaPo has some interesting predictions on the secrecy surrounding Israel’s destruction of a nuclear weapons facility in Syria two months ago: It was two months ago tomorrow that Israeli warplanes bombed what Israel and the United States believed was a nascent Syrian nuclear complex along the shore of the Euphrates River. […]

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Oct 17 2007

Syrians Admit To Nuclear Facility Being Attacked By Israel

Seems some frustration at the UN led some Syrian diplomats to admit, albeit off the record, that they did indeed lose a secret nuclear facility to a recent Israeli air raid: The Israeli delegation to the talks, headed by Miriam Ziv, the Foreign Ministry’s deputy director general for strategic affairs, accused Syria of smuggling mass […]

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Oct 13 2007

It Seems The Israelis Did Take Out A Nuke Plant In Syria

We cannot have unstable regimes get their hands on nuclear material. Islamo Fascist jihadis armed with nuclear devices cannot be allowed to run around the world killing thousands in a blink of an eye. It seems the world owes Israel some thanks for stopping one such effort by apparently destroying a nuclear plant in the […]

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Oct 03 2007

US Has al-Qaeda Membership List From ME and EU

Update: The authorities are really serious about getting this information out – they have provided photos of the names on the list! I guess if you see your name on the list you should be really worried. – end update At first I was wondering if this news had been leaked to the media because […]

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Oct 03 2007

The Syrian Puppet Masters Behind al-Qaeda

al-Qaeda is not the grass roots movement many believed. In fact, they have been aligned with, and supported by, governments with agendas. This includes more than Afghanistan. In Saudi Arabia it included a sect that was not in power, but wanted to be in power. With the death of one of its primary recruiters last […]

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Oct 02 2007

Israel Confirms Air Strike On Syria

Israel has finally publically acknowledged its recent air strike deep inside Syria: The army confirmed on Tuesday for the first time that the IAF did, in fact, hit a target deep inside Syria on September 6. This was the only detail released for publication; Israel has kept quiet on the subject until now. … The […]

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Sep 23 2007

Israel Collected Evidence Of North Korean Nuclear Material In Syria

I was wondering why their was not more outrage coming from Syria, North Korea, Iran and the other usual suspects who hate America and Israel over the Israeli bombing in Syria. Turns out the US used a lot of forethought and demanded hard evidence before it would support Israel’s plan to destroy NK nuclear material […]

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Sep 19 2007

Don’t Play With Fire If You Don’t Want To Get Burned

Seems Syria and Iran lost a lot of people recently as they tried to mount a chemical weapon warhead onto a missile (which could then be used on Israel or Iraq of course): Dozens of Syrian military officers and Iranian engineers were killed about two months ago in an a chemical weapons accident, Jane’s Magazine […]

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