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Jul 31 2008

Wow, Obama’s Iraq Position Opposed By 80% Of America

Obama’s world tour debacle keeps hitting his campaign with more and more body blows as America decides victory in Iraq is more important than ending the war in Iraq. Gallup has some stunning numbers out which show 80% of Americans are not lined up behind Obama’s stubbornly pessimistic view that the Surge was the wrong […]

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Jul 31 2008

It’s Official, July 2008 Most Secure Month In Iraq Since Invasion

Unless something dramatic happens in the next four hours, Iraq will have just passed a huge milestone relative to security. This month there have been 12 US deaths in Iraq, only 8 of which were due to hostile fire. This mark is very much worth celebrating and thanking all those in the US and Allied […]

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Jul 30 2008

Record Setting Month Of Security In Iraq

July 2008 is going to shatter all previous records for peace and security in Iraq if the standard statistics for violence in that country hold through tomorrow. As of today the previous record low levels for US and Allied troop deaths in Iraq has been 19 in May 2008 and 20 in February 2004. July […]

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Jul 28 2008

I Am Stunned – AP Announces US Victory In Iraq

I saw this over at Gateway Pundit and nearly fell off my chair. Again I will have to violate my ban on AP simply because this is just a stunning report (You may need to wait for it to load – seems to be a very popular video): “But it is beginning to look more […]

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Jul 28 2008

Sick Liberals

So, Obama schedules a PR drive by with our fallen soldiers, but when some learn this has to be a visit of support and not a media or campaign event Obama runs to the gym. As I noted below this is an unforgivable outrage (I posted on it here).  So what does a liberal fool […]

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Jul 27 2008

Victory In Iraq Is Here – Yet Obama And Surrendercrats Still Crave Defeat Against al-Qaeda

Senator Obama’s position on The Surge in Iraq is quite a stunning one. Even with victory at hand he stands by a failed plan for surrender and defeat to al-Qaeda. Even with the SurrenderMedia finally admitting Iraq is on the path to victory, Obama has decided he still thinks defeat at the hand of al-Qaeda […]

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Jul 26 2008

Iraq And Our Fallen Heros – Updated

Senator Obama has made it very easy on John McCain. First off, Obama has flip-flopped on so many issues has he has dumped his liberal base and moved to the center he has take the strategy of becoming an echo of McCain (and Bush) on a host of issues. Here are some prime examples: (1) […]

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Jul 24 2008

Liberal SurrenderMedia Displays Their Ignorance Of The Military Again

The liberal SurrenderMedia was so focused on helping the Surrendercrats try and stop the war in Iraq that they ignored all the debate about The Surge and how it really is shorthand (for those simple minds that think in shallow sound bites) for counter-insurgency tactics. All through the first 6 months of the debacle that […]

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Jul 23 2008

Obama Ignoring Advice From All Corners

Reader Sally Vie pointed me to this Washington Post editorial which is noting the obvious – Obama is as oblivious to the opinions of world leaders and American leaders as he has been oblivious to the reality on the ground in Iraq: THE INITIAL MEDIA coverage of Barack Obama’s visit to Iraq suggested that the […]

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Jul 22 2008

Obama Lies So Much He Can’t Keep Them Straight

As a follow up to my post this morning, where I can tell Obama has just lost the election with his loose lips comments in the ME on Iraq, folks have been pushing the servers at YouTube with vignettes catching Obama is out and out lies. One of the better ones came from Hannity & […]

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