Jul 28 2008

I Am Stunned – AP Announces US Victory In Iraq

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I saw this over at Gateway Pundit and nearly fell off my chair. Again I will have to violate my ban on AP simply because this is just a stunning report (You may need to wait for it to load – seems to be a very popular video):

“But it is beginning to look more and more like the winning side has been determined.

The Iraqi people have decided the time has come to stop the violence, stop facilitating it in any way “

Now let’s remember that Obama’s 16 month pull out plan required us to LEAVE before we had victory. Obama had no intention of winning the war in Iraq, he only planned on ‘ending’ it. He voted against The Surge many times. The media is starting to realize Obama is too far out there even for them. We have victory in Iraq, and we will now pull back as conditions warrant – which was NEVER Obama’s plan.

Just because it took 16 months of valiant efforts across Iraq before Obama’s 16 month plan could even sound plausible is not a testament to his leadership. It is just a reminder that even a stopped watch is right once or twice a day (depending on which kind you have). Obama has been stuck on his stupid plan for so long he doesn’t even understand it has been overtaken by victory – that is not leadership. That is what we call stuck in a rut.

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7 Responses to “I Am Stunned – AP Announces US Victory In Iraq”

  1. gwood says:

    Is it just me, or did the reporter seem to be a bit, well…… distressed, to have to say what he said?


  2. hey norm says:

    yes — violate your ban because they agree with you. what a principled stand. amazing.

  3. Boghie says:


    You are not stressing the 16 month coincidence enough…

    Had Senator Obama’s plan been implemented we would now be at the end of the draw down. The American forces would have been drawn down to his nebulous ‘counter terrorism force’ level by now. As of this month, we would have lost the capability to affect anything in the region in any meaningful way.

    Initiating Senator Obama’s plan now is NOT the same as implementing his plan when he demanded it.

    And, I don’t want to draw down military assets anytime soon anyway.

  4. hey norm says:

    boghie you convieniently ignore the rest of what obama said about a draw down. like most far right fringies you assume either there is a 18 month 20% troop escalation troop escalation, or there is nothing. it’s like invading iraq. either you attack and occupy or you do nothing. neither is the case, and when you base your opinion upon this fallacy then your opinion is based upon fallacy.

  5. ivehadit says:

    Sorry, we have all heard Obama with our own ears, not yours or any talking head. It’s on tape, in person, at the debates.

    The o is running several campaigns as Rush is talking about. That’s why he has so many uh, ah, uh, oh, well, blah blah blah. He has to remember who he is talking to before he can speak. Saul Alinsky specialty: The ends justify the means.

    Thinking, rational Americans are onto this group of socialists.

    And I said last week, look for the polls to “jump” in o’s favor after his trip….more dems will have been polled to make that happen. See if I’m right.

  6. hey norm says:

    i’vehadit…oh you are a ditto head. that explains it.

  7. Terrye says:

    hey norm:

    The fact that you are pissy that war might actually be at an end says a lot about you. And it ain’t pretty.