Jul 28 2008

Sick Liberals

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So, Obama schedules a PR drive by with our fallen soldiers, but when some learn this has to be a visit of support and not a media or campaign event Obama runs to the gym. As I noted below this is an unforgivable outrage (I posted on it here).  So what does a liberal fool do? They rush out a post that notes our Commander-in-Chief doesn’t use our fallen troops as media props! The vulture TBogg used photos of families mourning their lost ones at military funerals as props to make a convoluted political point.  But that’s OK – right? Where is the logic, let alone respect for the sacrifices of fellow American families, from the left? 

BTW, it has been rumored (and I am sure will be reported soon) that President Bush routinely visits the wounded in Walter Reid hospital. But the fact is he keeps these visits hidden from the vultures because it is meant to be a sign of support for our troops, nothing more.  Not some warped attempt to paint the picture the other way around – like Obama wanted.  He wanted troops smiling up at him from their bandages so he could be seen as The Savior.

Liberals can sometimes be truly sick.

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  1. hey norm says:

    another fact free gutter-snipe attack from the far right fringe. let me help you out. obama never planned to take the press to landstuhl despite claims by mccain. onbama had planned to go with his military aide, retired general gration. the pentagon said gration was off-limits because he had joined the campaign — violating rules that it not be a political stop.
    obama went to see wounded troops in iraq earlier in the week, without even confirming he’d been there. no press, no pictures. he has done the same many times at walter reed — never any press.
    but don’t let facts stand in the way of being a political hack repeating john mccains fact-free talking points.

  2. AJStrata says:


    Clearly this has you worried. BTW, I posted on it before McCain said a word. LOL! and you demand facts be straight? What a clown.


  3. hey norm says:

    i notice that you are not walking back on anything that you were wrong about. so you beat the mccain campaign to the smears and the lies? good for you gutter-snipe. you clearly have something here to be proud of.

  4. AJStrata says:


    Your about to head into very tough waters.

    This is the very, very last warning. I do not feel like closing down comments just for your bad behavior.

  5. hey norm says:

    if rightfully accusing you of smears and lies is bad behavior…then guilty as charged. obama was at “the gym” visiting troops. he did not have a camera in tow. video and pictures of the visit were distributed by dod. msnbc criticized him for leaving out the press. he did visit wounded troops in iraq, and the visit was not publicized. he has visited walter reed many times, and these trips have gone unpublicized. you laud bush for doing it, where is the walk-back on obama? you are not interested in facts or truth, you are out to denegrate obama. in fact the only thing you got right is the timing of your first post, which i never saw, and mccains smears and lies. if you want to take your football and go home crying then fine, have at it. but don’t imagine for a minute it’s because you are right.

  6. AJStrata says:


    It is you who are now leaving. And I mean it. Don’t come back.


  7. hey norm says:

    like i said…it ain’t because you are right. clearly that is un-important to you.